Another attempt at liquid flow photography

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Pictured here is an example of liquid photography using food colouring. It’s something I had attempted once before, although I previously only used the one colour.  It was my youngest daughter, Izzy, who wanted to try this again using two colours. Who was I to stand in the way of her creativity?

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My daughter and I had a second attempt at liquid flow photography. This time we added a second colour.

I think this is a fun photographic technique. It’s also very simple and the results can be very eye catching.

If you want to learn about the basic technique, take a look at this tutorial post that I wrote when I first attempted liquid flow photography. The only thing we did differently on this occasion was to add some blue food colouring after the red colouring.

With hindsight, I also have to concede the first attempt possibly didn’t produce the best results. I think second time around and with Izzy’s help, we produced a better photograph.

There’s always room for improvement, but I am much happier with this image than our first attempt. What I’d like to do in future is experiment with a flash gun because I’ve seen some amazing results using faster shutter speeds and so on.

I hope you like the picture. It was a very simple one to take, but if you attempt it yourself, make sure you have a plain coloured background as this helps enormously. When it came to lighting, we used the one light to brighten the object a little, but you could try without lighting.

Have you ever attempted this kind of photography? If so, what were the results like? if so, do leave a comment below. If you do try it yourself, please do let me know either with a comment below or on my social channels. You’ll find me on most of them at @dadbloguk.

2 thoughts on “Another attempt at liquid flow photography”

  1. Hi John, what a pretty picture it makes. I like how the dribbles of blue have sort of kept their drop shape. It’s not a style of photography I have thought of trying, maybe a project for the winter… Now for working out how to superimpose a fish into the water!


    1. Oooo, superimposing a fish into water. I ‘could’ d o it, but I won’t lie, it wouldn’t look pretty! There’s more for me to do to improve my liquid flow technique. I must really get used to using flash to make it look *really* good. Got to find the time though!

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