Still obsessed with corn!

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My most recent photography-focused blog post was of some corn growing in a field. Earlier this week, inbetween picking one child up from school and another child from a local town where she’d been shopping, I again found myself in a field of corn. To be precise this is barley but pedantry aside, I saw the golden barley and the blue sky and simply couldn’t resist rolling around on the ground to get this image.

barley, summer, corn, crops
Golden brown barley growing in a field near home. A sight that always makes me think of summer.

When I photographed the corn a couple of weeks back, it was green and immature. This barley was much more mature so I suspect it’ll soon be harvested.

Anyway, seeing golden barley is one of the reminders that summer has well and truly arrived. I love seeing the landscape dotted with golden fields of mature crops. That’ll be the country boy coming out in me!

What signs do you look for that summer has arrived? Maybe its honeysuckle blossom, mature crops or something else? let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Still obsessed with corn!”

    1. Barley might not be so common in the USA. Think maze and crops like that are grown more in the USA. It’s a sure sign of summer in the UK.

  1. What a strange obsession to have John. Corn. However, I do see the symbolism it represents.
    I have a shrub in my garden, I have no idea what it is. its been moved around my garden about 5 times in as many years. Each year on the same day give or take 20th May, it comes into full bloom, on the 20th of June the bloom dies off, then I know its the start of summer. Mid to the end of July it blooms again throughout summer. strange shrub but its very punctual.

    1. Fascinating! What an amazing shrub. I need to know what it is?? As for my obsession, I grew up surrounded by corn fields. It’s part of who and what I am.

  2. What a beautiful photo! I wouldn’t have known that it was barley and not corn, though.
    Golden fields are a definite indicator of summer, plus I know the flowers in the garden which come out in the summer rather than the spring – and they’re all out now!

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