Reviving our carpets the Carpet Bright UK way #ad

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I pointed under the dining table and said: “That’s your priority. I’m afraid it’s like a pizza under there.” Andy, the technician from Carpet Bright UK, wasn’t fazed at all. He laughed and said he’d seen much worse.

Carpet Bright UK, carpet cleaning
How would our carpets look after receiving the Carpet Bright UK treatment?

As you have probably worked out for yourself, Carpet Bright UK is a professional carpet cleaning company. This was to be an interesting experiment because our carpets were only a year old.

With two young children, the carpets under the dining table had experienced their fair share of abuse but the carpets elsewhere should have been very clean. As it happens, we own a domestic carpet cleaner and I haul it out whenever there are big spill on the carpet and I have to say, it has generally worked very well. Could Carpet Bright UK do better?

How the carpets are cleaned

Within minutes of Andy arriving (on time I should add), he had hauled a huge machine out of his van. He filled it full of water and turned it on. He explained that it had to heat up the water to 110˚c as the carpets would be steam cleaned.

We’d never steam cleaned our carpets before so this was a whole new experience for us. I’d guessed that furniture and so on would need to be moved but being the summer holidays, I hadn’t quite got as much out the way as I had intended. I had also meant to vacuum the carpets (see my previous comment about it being the summer holidays).

steam cleaning carpets, steam cleaner, upholstery cleaning, dadbloguk.com
Andy gets to work on the living room. The ‘pizza’ floor is underneath that table.

With a little help from Andy, we quickly got everything off the floor and out the way. As for vacuuming, Andy said it wasn’t necessary because the steam cleaning device would do it anyway.

Just to clarify that point, our carpets had been vacuumed the day before so they weren’t too bad. If yours haven’t been done in a while it would probably be advisable to vacuum them before they are cleaned.

With the floor clear, Andy got to work. He sprayed a soap on to the carpet before going over it with the steam cleaner several times.

What was being cleaned

Andy was cleaning the carpets in the highest traffic areas in the house, namely the living room, hallway, stairs and first floor landing. It being the summer holidays (do you see a theme here?) the bedrooms just weren’t tidy enough to be cleaned so we left it at that on this occasion!

He had the lot done within 90 minutes. Question is, how did it go?

The results

I could write a lot about the difference in the cleanliness of the carpets. Ultimately, however, I think the pictures tell the story.

This image shows carpet before and after it was cleaned. Just look at the difference!

What about the pizza-like carpet under the dining table? It was much improved. It was never going to be perfect because I know Helen and Izzy have spilled ink, paint and the like on the carpet. Nonetheless it was a vast improvement. In the living room, hallway and stairs the carpet looked like it did when it was brand new a year ago.

Andy made one interesting remark. He said that most people think their carpets are clean because on the surface, they look clean. It’s not until they are given a proper, hardcore clean that people appreciate exactly how much muck is caught up in them.

He was right. Our carpet was several shades lighter having been steam cleaned. I also saw the colour of the water that came out of the carpets. I think, however, we’d better move swiftly on because it was quite an interesting shade of brown.

uk dad blog, dad blog, dad blogger, daddy blogger
Andy takes a break from cleaning the carpets to pose for a photo with me!

Andy, who has almost 30 years’ experience in this line of work including working in historical properties, said he liked to ensure every job was completed as if he were working in his own house. He was very knowledgeable, personable and, I hope, typical of Carpet Bright UK’s workforce.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the carpets will be slightly damp after they have been cleaned. It will only take a few hours for them to dry out but it’s best not to cover any cleaned areas if you can help it until they are dry.

Benefits of having carpets steam cleaned

I asked Andy what the benefits are of having carpets steam cleaned. The obvious one is that you end up with cleaner carpets and more hygienic home environment.

clean carpets
The carpet on our stairs after it was cleaned.

Should you have pets, it will also reduce the risk of you have a flea or some other insect infestation. This is because the steam kills the insect’s eggs. With cleaner carpets and fewer insect eggs in the pile, there are benefits for anyone who has asthma.

The Carpet Bright UK service

We were very impressed with the results of our carpet clean. It required minimal preparation and Andy was so friendly and was very easy to deal with.

In addition to carpets, Carpet Bright UK provides an array of cleaning services including end of tenancy, upholstery, rugs and curtain cleaning. Services are mainly available in the South East of England. When it comes to costs, jobs are priced individually. This brings me nicely on to how you can contact the company.

More information

For more information about Carpet Bright UK and its services, take a look at its website. Alternatively, you can contact the company by calling 020 3011 5590.

Disclosure: This commissioned article was produced in association with Carpet Bright UK.

6 thoughts on “Reviving our carpets the Carpet Bright UK way #ad”

  1. Hello John, great post! I highly recommend them to EVERYONE that requires their carpets to be cleaned. My tech was called David, he was highly professional, on-time and friendly and advised me of exactly what services I needed to get the best out of my old carpet. After awful experiences with other companies in the past, I was delighted at the experience I had with Carpet Bright UK.

    1. That’s great to hear Michelle. Interesting, my children still talk about the difference in the carpets before and after they were cleaned! If they can see the difference, it must have been worth doing!

  2. How long should it take my carpets to dry after a professional cleaning? This is the most frequently asked question we get after “how much?” I’ve heard horror stories of inexpensive cleaners leaving carpets so wet that they remained damp for several days.

    1. After this clean, it took a couple of hours, if I remember correctly. Nothing was left sopping wet, that I can tell you. The house was left very clean and tidy.

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