London skyline, by night

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Regular readers of this blog are going to think I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with the London skyline. This is, after all, the third time I’ve posted pictures of it over recent months (previous examples are here and here).

This, however, was an image that just had to be taken. I took it on Friday evening as I was crossing Hungerford Bridge on my way to Waterloo Station. It was about 2300hrs and I’d just been to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my Goddaughter at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane (a write up will be on the blog very soon).

Despite the clouds it was a bright night and the view to the East was stunning. Starting at the left you have St Paul’s Cathedral, then the searchlights in the sky to mark the VE Day celebrations, the Leadenhall building, the Shard and then just visible on the right the Royal Festival Hall.

I have to be honest, this was an unexpected moment and I snapped it on my iPhone. It didn’t quite come out as clearly as I’d have liked and so I have had tinker with exposure and sharpness etc. Although imperfect, I hope you like it.

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17 thoughts on “London skyline, by night”

  1. It’s fantastic. My eye is definitely drawn to the colour in the middle of the photo.
    We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a couple of years ago (without kids!) and thought it was fantastic.

  2. I love London by night, all the colours and lights and hustle, just wonderful. I haven’t been to the theatre since z was born. Charlie and the chocolate factory seems ideal!

  3. Bloggermummylauren

    Great shot of the skyline, I love the colours in the middle. Im so excited to visit London next month and hope to get a skyline shot of my own!

  4. The London skyline is so beautiful and I love that you have managed to capture the searchlights that were part of the VE day celebrations too 🙂

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