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River Leach

Here’s a dreamy picture I took on a recent family trip back to the Cotswolds. This is the River Leach, a tributary of the River Thames, flowing towards the small town of Leachlade.

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playing with shadows. daisy and shadows.

Shadow play

We’ve had some glorious, sunny evenings over the past few weeks. Once the children have gone to bed I’ve made the evening sunshine and taken myself off for a walk so I can unwind after what have become very busy days as we inch towards the the school holidays.

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freedom day

‘Freedom Day’ must not spell the end of flexible working

Send up the fireworks! Ring the church bells! Pour out the drinks! July 19, the so called Freedom Day, is less than a week away and COVID restrictions are going to be relaxed in England, including the ‘work form order’ that has, with one brief and disastrous interlude last summer, been in place since March

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