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Family technology

Movember Family Man: Online parenting programme for dads

Go to any library and look at the parenting books. Three things will strike you. First of all, there will be fewer books for dads than mums. Second, the books that do exist for dads are generally condescending and “light hearted” in nature. Third, there is nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) aimed at dads

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Light relief in lockdown

Another week in lockdown with little happening! The highlight for us was the snowfall. It was, I have to say, a moment of light relief.

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Gender and fatherhood: Q&A with campaigner Gary Barker

Few people are as active in promoting involved fatherhood and positive masculinity as Gary Barker. He’s not only a leading author of the bi-annual State of the World’s Fathers report, but he’s a co-founder of both gender equality charity Promundo and MenCare, a campaigning charity focused on promoting men as fathers and caregivers.

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home learning tech: Disparate and disorganised

A couple of weeks ago, a cheeky scamp posted a funny meme on a WhatsApp group I’m a member of. It was a joke about the diverse array of apps us parents are supposed to be using to oversee and monitor our kids’ remote, home learning. The photo was of a confused Mark Wahlberg looking…very

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