Christmas gifts from Samuel Windsor

Just the other day, I had to get ready for a formal event in Central London. An unavoidable last-minute outfit change meant I was scrabbling around for a tie and handkerchiefs. Had I opened a Christmas gift-package that had just arrived from men’s clothing retailer Samuel Windsor, I’d have found both items inside.

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Shoes, handkerchiefs and a tie. Just some of the items available from Samuel Windsor in the run up to Christmas.

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Around Melbourne 2: In Style

My recent trip to Melbourne gave me the prefect excuse to give my wardrobe a little update. As South Eastern Australia had been experiencing a heatwave, it wasn’t so much an excuse as a necessity to get some summer items.

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Enjoying the early morning sun in Melbourne.

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Should I want to be a ‘cool dad’?

Should us mums and dads ever be ‘cool’? Is it acceptable to be ‘down with the kids’ or is it our job to be slightly aloof and out of touch?

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These guys epitomise cool fatherhood, right?

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#OOTD from House of Fraser

Here I am, lazing, on the ground in our garden. I was taking it easy having spent some considerable time clearing up after a barbecue we held at the weekend.

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Here I am, lazing in the garden after an afternoon spent clearing up after a great barbecue.

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I put some new shoes on and everything is right

Over recent weeks, when the sun has been shining, I’ve repeatedly put one of my favourite songs on the car stereo; Paolo Nutini’s New Shoes. The song suits sunny weather so well, but the kids have heard it so much it is driving them to distraction! I’m not hugely bothered, I go with the theory that the designated driver rules the stereo.

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The Windsor shoe from Chatham, paired with cream, skinny linen / cotton jeans.They’re my new BFFs.

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