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Empty nest? It’ll never happen. In fact, I’d discourage it.

“I don’t think I’d encourage our children to leave home,” I said to Mrs Adams. There, I’d said it. Now the words had tumbled out of my mouth, I was a little surprised. Even so, my thoughts and theories about having an empty nest had to be expressed because we must plan for this family’s

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Mums and dads, do you think about the future?

Inspired by an Alanis Morisette album, I recently wrote this blog post reflecting on my younger years. Today, however, I want to look to the future and have a couple of questions for all mums and dads. Firstly, how much thought to give to your long-term future? Secondly, how much consideration do you give to

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Help spread the word and Retire Savvy

As regular readers will be aware, I’m proud to be one of the contributors to the Skipton Building Society’s Retire Savvy blog. The online community has been set up to demystify retirement and get people talking about how they’d like to spend their time once they’re left the workforce. Retire Savvy, which is operating on

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Parents; join the Retire Savvy ‘Retirement Revolution’

I have a question for mums and dads that may be reading this, especially those that have young children. Do you ever take a moment out form your hectic life to think about retirement? It’s a subject I think us parents can be guilty of ignoring. We’re so busy dealing with the kids, paying for

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Legal & General #MoneyHangout, director’s cut

I recently took part in a Google+ hangout that was organised by financial services giant Legal & General. It was the first in a series of hangouts aimed at discussing personal finance issues and giving guidance to individuals across a range of life stages. The event was chaired by Legal & General’s chief executive Nigel

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