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When we moved house last year, Mrs Adams and I made a conscious decision to reduce the number of framed photos we have on display and replace them with wall mounted canvas prints. With a young family, we often find that framed images get knocked over or moved. On a couple of occasions, the kids have photographs from their frames and replaced them with hand drawn pictures! It’s very sweet when they do this, but we’ve lost a couple of pictures this way., canvass prints, printed gifts, personalised prints, custom gifts, custom prints, dadbloguk, dad blog
A canvass print, acrylic block print and rug, all ordered from (Canvass print pic credit: Ania Wilk-Lawton / PhotographyForParents).
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Subway® helps bring NFL to London…..and Horley

If you’re going to introduce youngsters to a new sport, there’s one way to make it appealing: Close the traffic on London’s Piccadilly, build a huge ball pit on this hugely important thoroughfare and allow kids to jump into the pit with the promise of prizes for everyone who takes part. Thanks to Subway®, this is exactly how I recently spent a Saturday afternoon.

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Helen and I, guests of Subway®, strike a pose at the NFL Kickoff in Piccaddilly event.

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Why pay a subscription when you can have Freesat TV?

I looked at the huge pile of ironing and wondered how I was going to take my mind off this dull task. Then I remembered a new series of Doctor Who had recently got underway with Jodie Whittaker playing the first ever female Doctor. I hadn’t watched Doctor Who for the best part of 10 years so hit the power button on the television and Freesat TV set top box and piled through the ironing as The Doctor battled against a bizarre creature with teeth all over its face.

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#EatLikeAPro with the Beko Vacuum Blender

Every morning, Mrs Adams and I start the day with a smoothie made of fresh fruit. Occasionally we’ll also through in some frozen fruit or ice cubes, but the aim is always to start the day with a highly nutritious drink that tastes great. Could we improve our smoothies using the new to-the-market Beko Vacuum Blender? Well, we certainly gave it a try.

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Making friends with the Beko Vacuum Blender.

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Urtekram and Hair Trade reviews

It’s been a while since I have reviewed any men’s grooming or toiletry products. I am delighted to bring that particular drought to an end with reviews of several items that have impressed me greatly.

Urtekram, hair trade, review, reviews, men's grooming, men's styling, dadbloguk,, dadbloguk,, school run dad, sahd

The Urtekram range I tried out: Face and body lotion, hair and body wash and deodorant.

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