The photograph that isn’t upside down

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I recently took Helen and Izzy out for the afternoon and we had a little photography contest. The picture here was one of my efforts and you’re probably thinking it’s upside down, but it isn’t. Better still, it was my 10 year old who showed me how to take the picture having watched a tutorial on YouTube.

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You probably think this picture is upside down, but it isn’t.

it’s an incredibly easy trick. You see the picture is the correct way up, but the camera was upside down when I took the shot.

For our photo session, I’d said Helen could use my phone to take pictures. We were near this pond and I couldn’t figure out why she was holding my phone the wrong way up. She explained she was copying something she’d seen on YouTube and her photographs were stunning. I simply had to give it a go myself using my DSLR.

I think the first time anyone looks at it, they can tell something isn’t quite right, but they can’t say exactly what it is! It’s a fun image and a very simple technique.

I hope you like the picture. When my children come up with ideas for taking photographs in future, I will listen very carefully!

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14 thoughts on “The photograph that isn’t upside down”

    1. Haha, yes I know what you mean about it looking like it was taken in a different dimension. It’s a very simple trick with complex results.

    1. It’s a ridiculously simply trick isn’t it? i think it only really works because of the reflections but it’s a great pic, even if I say so myself.

  1. Oh wow. Lovely to see Youtube being put to good use. It’s such an intriguing photo, it’s like it takes your brain a second or two to catch up.

    1. rare to see YouTube being used quite so creatively I know. yes, the brain does take a moment or two to cotton on. Certainly how I felt when I first looked at it.

  2. It appears that your daughter has a great gift in his hands. To learn quickly how to take such a picture at the age of just 10 is incredible. You are also doing your dad job pretty well John!

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