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This photograph is significant as it shows just how quickly your children grow up. It was taken when we visited Diggerland in Kent and and shows Izzy at the wheel of a small, battery-powered Land Rover.

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Izzy, behind the wheel of her own Land Rover. Just 12 months ago she was too small and had to be driven round the circuit by her sister.

As it happens, we last visited Diggerland in September 2016. If you follow this link, you’ll see a photograph I took at that time at exactly the same spot.

In the photo taken last year, Izzy was being driven round by Helen, her older sister because Izzy was too small to have her own car.

A year later, Izzy is physically much bigger and able to take herself around the track. Helen, I should add, was just out of the shot in another car.

Over the past year, Izzy has also started school and she’s beginning to recognise letters and written words. If Helen was in the photo, you’d see she was wearing a glittery hooded top and had a massive JoJo Bown in her hair (I’m not a fan and will be writing about my dislike of JoJo Bows on the blog next week). She’s growing up and expressing herself.

This photograph isn’t my best, but to me it says a lot. It vividly demonstrates how quickly my kids are growing up and developing. I don’t mind admitting it’s terrifying!

In fact, shortly after this picture was taken, Izzy and I went on a full-sized JCB. She had great time playing with the controls and moving earth around. It’s not something I think she would have been capable of 12 months ago.

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26 thoughts on “A return to Diggerland”

    1. Who knows, Grace may love it! Bit soon for your youngest, but one day I am sure the Devon Diggerland will appeal!

  1. It’s both exciting and scary how quickly kids change in a year. I’ve got two going through puberty, so they seem to be changing every month right now.
    I’m totally with you on the JoJo Bows, so I look forward to reading that post!

    1. Two kids going through puberty. My word, that must be a massive change. JoJo Bow blog post going live on Thursday!

  2. Hi John, it is scary how quickly they grow up! Izzy looks like she could be a bit of a speed queen. You wait it won’t be long before you’re sharing photos of her holding a full driving licence!… I had no idea what a Jo Jo bow was so I just Googled it… Are they gift bows? Or do people actually wear them?… A girl always needs a bit of glitter in her life, but maybe not in the form of a gift bow.


    1. A girl may need a bit of glitter in her life, but not a JoJo Bow. It was funny at first, maybe even a little amusing. Now they’re doing my head in! And yes, the day when the kids are driving proper cars will come soon enough!

    1. That’s what worries me Darren, she will be driving for real before I know it! Thanks for hosting your splendiferous linky.

  3. Such a massive milestone when kids start recognising words and even more special when they start reading. That picture is brilliant, you’ve captured so many memories in that one shot. And I just love diggerland. I could sit on a JCB all day long just digging earth up! 🙂

    1. Yeah, moving soil with Izzy was kind of therapeutic, I won’t deny it! And Izzy’s getting keener to write and draw every day now. She’ll be reading very soon indeed, I can feel it.

    1. She absolutely loved it Kim. Diggerland is one of their favourites without a doubt. And yes, growing at terrifying speed.

  4. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    We used to live near Diggerland. Our eldest loved it but was only 2 when we last went. Izzy has really grown in a year. It really is the best watching our babies grow up!

    1. Wow, lived near Diggerland. You can’t have had a peaceful life! I think I may have to return next year, see how both kids have grown.

  5. It’s amazing how much of a difference a year makes. N is the same with physical things he’s now able to do (although he’s always been ahead physically than academically), often you don’t notice it until you look back on old photos.

    1. Yes, it was interesting to look back and see what Izzy looked like a year ago compared to now. She has grown a lot. Looking back on those images makes me realise how much.

    1. haha, yes, Mrs Adams was the same truth be told. She’s not always that keen on these rides but she does have a soft spot for Diggerland.

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