Making a quick get away

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We spent yesterday at Diggerland in Kent. One of the attractions the kids could drive were these small, battery-powered Land Rovers. Helen and Izzy couldn’t get in one quick enough.

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The look of concentration on Helen’s face made this photograph.


I took several images of the girls as they went around the track but this one leapt out at me. For me, two things make the picture.

Firstly, there’s the look of concertation on Helen’s face. Secondly, Izzy looks on, checking her older sister’s driving while desperately clinging on to the side of the vehicle for her own safety.

Please, however, don’t be concerned. The speed of these things was limited to a slow walking pace.

I think Helen and Izzy look like they’re escaping some kind of dreadful foe. The image would work perfectly if you placed a police car, a lion, enemy troops or James Bond-esque criminals in the scene.

Looking on at Helen and Izzy reminded me of the time the older of my two brothers passed his driving test. I’m quite a bit older than my brothers so I’d had a driving license for some time. Even so, the three of us piled into his Volkswagen Golf and he took us for a drive.

As we left, my stepfather looked on from the front doorstep. He had a strangely bittersweet look on his face. The first of his natural children could now drive and he knew life would never be the same.

Looking at this picture makes me realise my two will be driving soon enough. I just hope they never find themselves using their driving skills to escape the police, lions, enemy troops or Bond-esque villains.

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24 thoughts on “Making a quick get away”

  1. Hehe! They look like the are going really fast. Izzy has exactly the same expression and white-knuckle grip that I have when I’m in a car with my husband 🙂 Looks like a fab day out. #MySundayPhoto

  2. The look of concentration really makes the photo. Being a Land Rover they should’ve headed up over the hill through the long grass for some off road fun

  3. Hi John, it could well be a photo from a rather slow Dukes Of Hazard style chase! I love the way Izzy seems to be hanging on for dear life whilst Helen is set on catching those foes! Learning to drive is one of the few big milestones left once our children grow up. I am looking forward to the time my daughter learns to drive as I seem to spend most of my time being a taxi and public transport here leaves a lot to be desired!


    1. I hadn’t thought of the Dikes of Hazard! I love the comparison. WOn’t be that long until mine are driving properly I guess.

    1. I think they will have a great time growing up together. I certainly hope there are many more similar adventures for them both.

  4. Lisa@intotheglade

    This reminds me of Thelma and Louise too ha! My girls hold on like Izzy whenever I drive. A great picture and it does look like Helen is going really fast, I bet they loved it xx #mysundayphoto

  5. Great photo, and how much fun is that. N would love it. It’s scary how quickly driving will come round – for N he’ll likely be driving about on the farm in less than 10 years!

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