A weird sight on the first visit home

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Yes, it’s happened! After months of not seeing my extended family thanks to lockdown, Helen, Izzy and I have just returned after spending a few days with granny, my brothers their wives and children. While visiting them, we came across this bizarre sight of aircraft being taken apart by salvage specialists, but I’ll come on to that in a moment.

Aircraft going into storage or being decommissioned thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic
The strange sight of decommissioned aircraft being broken down for recycling or put into storage, thanks to the impact of Coronavirus.

It was wonderful to catch up with family again. We last saw each other just before lockdown was introduced and, like most families, we’d been limited to emails, WhatsApp and Zoom calls ever since.

It meant such a lot to see them all again. Living in the Cotswolds, Helen and Izzy were largely able to run wild because it was so quiet. It was the furthest we’d travelled since Coronavirus came to town and the first trip away from home of the school summer holidays.

While lockdown has taught me that we don’t need to travel as much as a family as we used to, it felt really good to get away from home for a few days. After all, all of us have spent several months looking at the same walls, right?

What’s the significance to the photograph? Well, while I was away I saw a photograph of Cotswold Airport near Cirencester on the Instagram, feed of the MumofThreeWorld blog. It featured what appeared to be a decommissioned British Airways 747.

I used to be a travel journalist and this immediately piqued my interest. You may have seen in the news that British Airways has decommissioned its entire 747 fleet as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. I looked up a few news reports and discovered that Cotswold Airport is where many airliners go either to be mothballed or at the end of their life to be broken down. According to reports I’d read, Cotswold Airport is where the BA 747 fleet was destined.

Inspired by Sarah’s photograph and with a couple of hours to kill, the kids and I took a drive out to the airport. It was totally bizarre because as we neared our destination, we drove up a hill and rounded a corner and as we did so, we were presented with the tail fins of some incredibly well-known airlines, all of them sticking above the trees of a nearby forest.

As we got closer still, it became apparent many of the aircraft were in various stages of being taken apart. I got this snap from a lay-by opposite the airport. It was the weirdest sight and a very hard-hitting reminder of the economic impact of lockdown.

14 thoughts on “A weird sight on the first visit home”

  1. I bet Helen and izzy enjoyed seeing the family. I’ve not seen my parents since January. It’s tough. The photo looks very eery and quite a worrying thought on how the economy is going to be and how covid will have had such an impact on large and small businesses.

    1. Yeah, it’s a eerie photo all right. That grey cloud wasn’t typical, it blew in for the picture but it worked well! Can’t say I think it’s a bad thing there are fewer people flying but it was weird seeing the impact up close and personal.

  2. I envy you so much. Wish I could fly to see my sister, nephews, etc. Glad you got to enjoy your family. Interesting photo – it would make sense to try and recycle as much as possible of old airplanes. #mysundayphoto

    1. I feel for all those who haven’t seen family over recent months. That said, lockdown restrictions are slowly coming back in the UK so it may be a while until I see my family again.

  3. I bet it was lovely to see friends and family again.

    Such a strange sight to see all those planes, the virus has effected every aspect of our lives

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. Thank YOU Sarah for giving me the idea of paying a visit. Parking was rubbish but I am told you can visit a cafe on the airfield.

  4. We have something like that here but I have never been to see it, my kids are interested though. I imagine it’s rather strange. #mysundayphoto sorry it’s a bit late from last week

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