Are you losing your identity?

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With the main Christmas shopping season well and truly upon us, identity theft is a real risk we all need to consider. It’s a threat I have always taken very seriously after someone broke into my car a few years ago and stole some identity documents. Thankfully on that occasion, I was lucky.

Consumer credit agency Equifax has produced an infographic, pasted below, showing how identity theft and fraud have grown as crimes. It’s amazing to see how the crimes have become so prevalent in London with identity fraud having grown by 78% in London in 2015. Being a victim could certainly ruin your family’s Christmas celebrations.

Crucially, the infographic also provides hints and tips on how to keep your personal data safe and out of the hands of fraudsters. My personal favourite: being very careful about what you place on social media. It never ceases to amaze me what details people will place on Facebook and elsewhere without thinking about it.

Please do take a look at the infographic. If you have any tips for keeping personal information safe, please do leave a comment below.

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Disclosure: This is a commissioned post produced in collaboration with Equifax.

2 thoughts on “Are you losing your identity?”

  1. It’s a scary online world, that’s for sure. One tip is to make sure that a ligitimate-looking email has come from the right email address, last week I received an email from ‘Natwest’ that turned out to come from a private email address.

  2. Oh yes Anthony, I’ve seen one or two of those in my time.. You do have ot be very careful as they can look convincing. Thanks for commenting.

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