City of London, Inception style!

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Over the past week, I have spent a massive amount of time using Photoshop. I’ve been doing all sorts of crazy things using the software, often late into the night. This edited image of the City of London, inspired by the film Inception, was great fun to produce.

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Inspired by the film Inception, I’ve re-edited this old photograph of the City of London!

Regular readers of the blog may recognise the picture. It was taken a year or so ago when Mrs Adams, the kids and I enjoyed an early evening bite to eat on the south side of the River Thames in London.

I published the original picture at the time, but while playing with Photoshop earlier in the week, I thought I’d try something different. I used all manner of pictures to try and perfect this effect, but his one provided the best results.

I think my favourite aspect is the River Thames, which has turned into a waterfall! It’s also quite amusing to see 20 Fenchurch Street has a heart shape.

As I say, this was a bit of fun. I hope you enjoy the final result. If you do, or you have suggestions for improvement, please do leave a message below.

I’m also really happy that my great blogging friend Darren Coleshill, who produces the Photalife blog, has re-launched his #MySundayPhoto linky. Darren’s decided to run the linky on the last Sunday of every month (as opposed to weekly, as it used to run).

I will be adding this photograph to the linky. Follow this link to Darren’s blog where you can see images produced by lots of other enthusiastic photographers.

16 thoughts on “City of London, Inception style!”

  1. What fun! Photoshop looks amazing. I had no idea My Sunday Photo was back. That’s exciting, although I’ve posted too many to join this week, I think.

    1. Well hello Tara. Photoshop is both amazing and infuriating! It has so, so many commands that trying to keep on top of them and remember them is an art in its own right. That said, it can be used to produce the most amazing effects.

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yeah, I wasn’t sure how the Thames would look in this image but I think it’s quite a good focal point.

  2. Well, that certainly is a different perception, kind of like a kaleidoscope view. I too love the waterfall effect of the Thames. I think the London lights make it all the more interesting.

    1. Yeah, it took a lot of experimenting to find an image that worked with this effect. I used coastal shots, images of the sea, sunsets etc but you need a dramatic focal point to enhance the effect. Glad you liked the picture.

    1. Yeah, you’re more of an Aurora / Skylar type pf guy aren’t you? I’m sure you can do similar….but don’t ask me how! I’ll be back on 28 April!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about Darren, I just popped over there (that would be a funny typo with an extra “o” and one less “p”).
    Your photo is a LOT better than that movie, and yes the Thames is the star and the first thing you notice, nicely done.

    1. My pleasure Jeanna, very happy to pass on Darren’s news. I take it you weren’t a fan of the film then??

    1. haha, brilliant! It was taken landscape in the usual way and then it’s been copied and shifted 90 degrees counter clockwise. If you’re unsure, the effect has worked well!

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