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The importance of male role models in childcare

It’s no secret that men who work in childcare or early years teaching can have a tough time of it. This goes some way to explaining why the childcare workforce is only about 2% male. The guest post below comes from Toad Hall nursery, a childcare setting that wishes to attract more men into the

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Share childcare responsibilities? Not if you’re British!

Here’s an interesting suggestion. Research organisation The Fatherhood Institute has called for early years care providers, schools, plus social work and maternity service providers to publish data on their engagement with fathers. This data, the institute has argued, should be inspected by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission.

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Women of the World Festival; one man’s experience

My world has been dominated by one thing over the past few days; the Women of the World (WOW) Festival that took place in London’s Southbank Centre. As I revealed the week before last, I was presented with a great opportunity to speak at two sessions during the festival. The first one on Friday was

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Sky News Morning Story; occupations where men fear to tread

I was recently invited to record a Morning Story for Sky News (a bit like Thought for the Day, but for television). My piece was broadcast today and I chose to speak about gender inequality. In particular, I focused on traditionally female spheres where men struggle to make headway. In the 90-odd seconds allotted to

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