Clothes suitable for nursery. Am I wrong not to care?

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This looks about right for a day at nursery.

Mrs Adams and I have the occasional, shall we say, “discussion” when it comes to my approach to dressing the children. I’m very practically minded and will put them in clothes that are rugged or, if I know they will be playing outside, something a little past its best.

Mrs Adams doesn’t always agree with this. She will often select clothes that look smart and tidy.

When it comes to pairing clothes and making the kids look their best, I have to concede that my wife does a better job than I do. I can’t claim this is a strong point of mine. If the kids are going to a party or some social gathering I more often than not let her take care of the kids’ sartorial needs.

For the sake of my own reputation, can I stress the same does not apply when I’m dressing myself. I may sometimes ask Mrs Adams what she thinks about a certain item of clothing, but I generally go my own way and, so my wife tells me, I dress myself well. If there’s one sight I find depressing it’s a man being taken round a clothes store by a wife / girlfriend. It just makes me want to scream; “You’re a grown man, take responsibility for yourself!” I digress, let me get back to the matter in hand.

When it comes to dressing Toddler Adams for nursery, it’s all about making sure she’s dressed for play. I know that she will be tearing round with other kids; painting, doing other arts and crafts and playing outside. If there is a clean pair of tracksuit bottoms to hand, I will, nine times out of ten, stick her in these and a jumper or tee shirt and cardigan or hooded top.

It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I expect her to get dirty. To my mind there’s very little point in dressing her up too smartly.

I do, however, see other kids wearing the most amazing clothes to nursery. While they look great, I’m not too sure of the wisdom of dressing up a child in expensive clothes while they’re in the midst of being potty trained.

What is your approach? Do you go for looks over practicality? Am I doing Toddler Adams a disservice? Maybe you think I’ve got the right idea? I’d be very interested to know.

5 thoughts on “Clothes suitable for nursery. Am I wrong not to care?”

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    For nursery, Finley is dressed by me, in the same clothes each week (he only goes once per week). And those clothes are the scrappy, secondhand clothes that my friend donated to us (for that purpose), that her son no longer fits into. Wouldn’t dream of sticking him in anything remotely smart, good-quality or expensive. The nursery he goes to is in an area which is home to a Premier League footballer (amongst other people with similar salaries), so other children are frequently immaculately dressed in top-notch gear for the day. If Fin’s entire wardrobe was Boden, then maybe he’d go to nursery in his smart Boden clothes (and then wear his Ralph Lauren on the weekends). But alas, I stay at home and earn little more than nothing, while my high-flying electrician husband goes to work (when there’s work). Wow, I feel like launching into a rendition of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’.

  2. I think I’m more like you, though I’m not worried so much about them getting dirty but want them to feel extra comfy and not all smart and stiff! Well, I hope they don’t feel stiff when they’re not in joggers but you know…

  3. Yeah I’m with you on this one (luckily so is my good lady) when our little lady was at pre-school she went in whatever was not going to mattter getting messy, now se’s at school its a uniform so no option.

    1. It gets so much easier when they start school. It’s actually quite simple to dress our eldest….it’s the little one that can be tricky.

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