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Ban children from restaurants and cafes?

I was invited onto BBC Radio Tees yesterday. I was asked if I’d care to respond to an article that Janet Street-Porter had written for Daily Mail. In the article, the former Independent on Sunday editor, suggested that children should be banned from restaurants and cafes. She also put forward the idea that aircraft should

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The Circle of Parenting

  You know that song from the Lion King; Circle of Life? I find it exceptionally irritating. It may irritate me simply because Elton John’s delivery is so nasal and it’s a long way from his finest hour (hardly Rocket Man is it?). Even so, I have, for some bizarre reason, recently found myself wanting to

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Birth stories told by dad Pt 2

Last week I published a blog post about the birth of Helen, my eldest daughter. I promised there would be a follow up detailing the birth of Toddler Adams and here it is. I confess that Part One was a lengthy affair. You’ll be relieved to hear this story is much shorter because the birth

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Another great pose from Toddler Adams

I’m coming to the conclusion that Toddler Adams is very photogenic. Yes, I am biased. As her father I think I’m allowed to be! This was a very quick snap taken with my phone. Elizabeth and I were walking along a footpath that was flanked by steel girders with circular patterns punched out of them.

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Birth stories told by dad Pt1

I’ve written a lot recently about my children’s development and how they’re getting older. Toddler Adams is, well, just that; a toddler who is out of nappies, can run, jump and knows the basics of using an iPhone. As for her sister, she’s a fully-fledged school girl; literate, numerate and only around 30cms shorter than

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