Father’s Day Giveaway with Mainline Menswear #AD

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“I love your trendy clothes daddy,” said my eldest daughter Helen as I came down the stairs wearing my latest delivery from Mainline Menswear. I don’t often get such compliments from my daughters so I had clearly chosen well! What’s best is that I have partnered with Mainline Menswear to run a Father’s Day giveaway so you have the chance to impress your offspring.

John Adams of Dadbloguk wearing Barbour International Ariel jacket and Nike Club jogging bottoms.
Showing off the Barbour Ariel quilted jacket and Nike Club jogging bottoms, both available from Mainline Menswear.

In a moment I will talk you through the clothes I am pictured wearing in these images. First of all, let me give you details of the giveaway.

The prize is a £100 voucher code to spend online with Mainline Menswear. If you scroll to the bottom of this post, you’ll find a Gleam. Just pop in a couple of basic details. You then have the option of leaving a comment on this post or retweeting a message (or to increase your chances of winning, you can do both). Entries close at 11.59pm on 18 June.

Entrants must be 18 or over and resident in the UK. A winner will be chosen at random. Very best of luck!

Barbour International label on Ariel jacket.

If you aren’t familiar with Mainline Menswear, it sells items from over 100 well-known brands and designer labels including: Lacoste, Under Armour, Paul Smith, Superdry and so on.

When asked to partner with Mainline, I was very excited to see it sold Barbour International products. I’ve been particularly impressed with the jackets and the item I’m wearing at the top of this post is the Ariel quilted jacket.

As it typical for Barbour International, it has some nice detailing and the quality is very high. It’s also a really good fit.

I love the collar fastening on the Ariel jacket too.

You’ll also see in the above picture I am wearing Nike Club jogging bottoms. Helen was particularly impressed at the fact I’d chosen these!

In the picture below I have paired them with a white Hugo Boss crew neck t-shirt that came from a three pack. These t-shirts are a brilliant wardrobe essential and represent great value for money.

My daughter took this photo and she ordered me to smile! In this image I am wearing a Hugo Boss crew neck t-shirt and the Nike Club jogging bottoms (note the tapered leg).

In choosing the above items, I confess I was influenced by the new dress code everyone seems to have adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone seems to be dressing down a bit and wearing more sportswear. I wanted something comfortable that would also look good when I have to dash out the door on the school run and judging by Helen’s response I got it correct.

The Hugo Boss three-pack of t-shirts represents great value for money. I just wish I was confident enough to model Hugo Boss underwear like this guy.

Mainline Menswear also sells accessories. I was in desperate need of a new belt. The item below is the Myers belt from Luke 1977 and I really like the subtle detailing it features.

Myers belt from Luke 1977
The Myers belt from Luke 1977.

Farah is a British brand I have worn in the past. My eye was immediately taken by the top pictured below. It’s the vintage Barnes stripe sweatshirt. It’s 100% cotton and it’s quite a thick fabric so idea for cooler evenings.

Farah vintage Barnes stripe sweatshirt.
The Farah Vintage Barnes stripe sweatshirt.

Finally, I finished my haul with a classic long-sleeved navy blue t-shirt from Levi’s. I’ve long been a fan on Levi’s and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of this top.

Levi's long sleeved t-shirt
Finishing off with a classic Levi’s long-sleeved t-shirt.

That gives you an idea what is available from Mainline. If you want to find out more, you can see yourself by visiting its website. Here’s the Gleam that you need to complete to take part in the giveaway. I wish you the very best of luck and also wish you the very best for Father’s Day.

Mainline Menswear

317 thoughts on “Father’s Day Giveaway with Mainline Menswear #AD”

  1. Michelle Ptak

    I would love to win for my husband, who as a key worker has been working extremely hard, he is up at 5am and never complains. This would be such a wonderful surprise for him … many thanks

  2. Andrew Gibson

    Would love to win this, need to invest in some new clothes. Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed

  3. Would love to win this for my husband. He’s been looking after me while I had seizures and deserves a treat

  4. Stewart Smith-Langridge

    my missus complains I am terrible at buying new clothes for myself. winning this would motivate me to get some new items

  5. Elaine Savage

    I’d love to win as a big thank you to my hubby of 43 years, a wonderful father figure to our daughters and 5 grandchildren

  6. If I won I would love to treat my brother who has done an outstanding job of making sure our 90 year old Nan has been well supplied with groceries during her isolation weeks!

  7. Priscilla Stubbs

    My husband never treats himself to clothes and it would be lovely to let him choose some nice clothes from this site

  8. Would love to be able to treat my dad as works in a supermarket so has been working during the pandemic

  9. I’d like to win for my boyfriend. We don’t have a budget that runs to clothes. His jeans are a bit holey and the insides of the pockets are patched with an old pair of my undies! hahaha! It was the only thing I had handy at the time to do the job! While I wholeheartedly support ‘make do and mend’ there are limits!

  10. My future father in law turned 80 in lockdown,so would love to treat him for fathers day,to make up for not seeing him for 2 months

  11. l would love to win for my son, he has been working non stop as a nurse in a care home and he wouuld be delighted if l were to win this for him

  12. I would love to win for my husband who is a wonderful father to our children and is remaining calm while we don’t know what is going to happen re our daughter’s wedding later in the year – despite the fact that the wedding insurance has a lovely “get out” clause so it may all have to be written off! Also he could do with some wardrobe updating.

  13. Would love to win for my partner. He always puts the rest of us first and rarely ever buys himself anything so would be a lovely treat for him!

  14. I would love to win the voucher for my husband – he is in the shielded group for covid-19 and is totally miserable, having been cooped up in our flat since March. I would love to give him a nice treat and I know he would really enjoy choosing some new clothes :o)

  15. My husband is an essential key worker, who has been working extremely long, unpredictable hours. But the reason I am entering for him Is because, he has just turned 51 and has been wearing the same styles for years.


    I would like to win to treat my brother to some new clothes just to show him how much i appreciate him.

  17. would just love to win for my dad who is always helping us, it would be a lovely surprise for him and a way to say thankyou

  18. William Gould

    I would love to win as I could really do with a decent gilet for next winter instead of the usual cheap ones I normally buy.

  19. I’d like to win for my OH who’s an essential key worker and has been working extremely long, unpredictable hours.

  20. Awesome post. I would love to win this. As a single dad if four I’ve little time to shop or buy clothes for myself. If I don’t win well done to whoever does!

  21. Great blog. I am looking forward to my 2nd fathers day this year. Never thought I would be this much into being a dad

  22. William Gould

    My one and only very smart jacket is getting a little worn around the edges, so could do with replacing!

  23. I can see they do some great clobber (all of which suit you!) it’s a great giveaway & would love to win for VIP (although I suspect the teenager would insist on getting a look in too!)

  24. Catherine Whetton

    Love to win for my boyfriend who has worked so hard all throughout lockdown. It would make his Father’s Day special

  25. I would love to win for my partner (my son’s dad) Steve because he needs new clothes and smartening up. He won’t buy new clothes or shoes for himself, prefers to wear stuff until it falls off!

  26. Stephanie Coals

    Would love to treat my dad to some new clothes for fathers day to say thank you for everything he does for me and the family as a whole.

  27. My other half never spends any money on himself, he is always investing everything in the house, or spending it on us. Hence, his clothes are all years old and nothing he feels good wearing. This would be an awesome gift for him to be able to treat himself and get some clothes he enjoys wearing!

  28. Laura Pritchard

    It would be a lovely way to spoil my partner and let him know how much the kids & I appreciate him!

  29. Delia Pemberton

    I NEED to win so I can get my husband out of his horrible old holes clothes and into some new ones!

  30. Catia Rodrigues

    Would be lovely to win to be able to treat hubby…he is a great dad, he works very hard every day and when he comes home he gives all his time to the family. Kids love playing with daddy because he is a lot more fun then mummy 🙂

  31. This brilliant prize would be great for my brother. He’s a super dad of 4 and although finances don’t allow, he does love to look smart and fashionable.

  32. I’d love to win for my husband, who never seems to have nice comfortable clothes. When he buys clothes it is mainly for golf, and I’d much prefer if he did not dress like a golfer when he is not at the golf club. In my opinion the phrase “golf fashion” is an oxymoron!

  33. Am student teacher at North west university, it would be my pleasure to win this competition because I need to dress up well at school when am doing practical …

  34. I would love to win this for my husband. Our baby is due Father’s Day weekend and it would be such a lovely treat after looking after me during my third trimester in lock down!

  35. Lindsey Stuart

    I would love to win to gift this to my partner who is an incredible dad to our two girls. He could be doing with a wardrobe refresh and he would definitely find some trendy new attire from Maineline menswear.

  36. My husband has been nursing me back to health so well since I was hospitalised with coronavirus. This has not been easy!

  37. Stephanie Keill

    I would love to won this for my partner as he never treats himself to anything! Hes jist recently lost alot of weight and is in need of a new wardrobe.

  38. betsy ferguson

    The men in our family go through socks and tshirts, like whirlwinds, so this prize would be appreciated to replace and re-sock xx

  39. My dad rarely goes out and buys clothes for himself, so can be a bit on the scruffy side. Would love to treat him to a little makeover.

  40. There are more deserving people out there than me, but I’m not going to lie, I’d still love to win for myself! I live in jeans and jumpers so this would be ideal. Much appreciated.

  41. This is the perfect for my wee dad for Fathersday!!! It would be such a lovely wee pick me up for him after a really stressful few weeks working for the NHS!!!

  42. Lyndsey cooksey

    My dad deserves to win as he reckons my mom is lucky to have him lol. Seriously, my dad is my step – dad but he has been more of a dad than my biological dad for the past 35 years. He’s not my step dad, he’s my REAL dad.

  43. I should win please because my other half has worked extremely hard at Kingsmill Hospital in Mansfield, since Lockdown began. He often works for 13+ hours a day, without complaining. This would be the perfect way of saying how proud of him, I am.

  44. Irene Gilmour

    would love to win for my husband hes a amazing dad to our kids we have many challenges daily but he always there to help me

  45. Caroline Tinsley

    I’d love to split this between my husband, who’s carried on working for Royal Mail throughout the pandemic, and my dad, who’s not left his house since March! They could both use a treat.

  46. Tracy Astwood

    My Husbands birthday always falls close to Fathers Day so like those who’s birthday falls at Christmas he often misses out. It would be nice for him to have something special for Fathers Day for a change 🙂

  47. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    So I can treat my partner to something nice to say thank you for everything he’s done for me

  48. I want to smarten up my hubby who sees no reason to buy clothes when he already has some…..GGGRRRR. I know we would be secretly delighted too!

  49. My dad is always trying to keep up with fashion, but does’t have the money to spend on it. This would help refresh his wardrobe

  50. I would love to win this for my husband who has been working all the way through lockdown,he deserves a treat

  51. Susan Willshee

    I’d love to win for my hubby because during lock down I have made him do a wardrobe clear out and throw away all of the clothese that he has had stored in the wardrobe for years ‘because I might wear them sometime’. I think he deserves a lot of new goodies so that he doesn’t have to rotate the same 3 t shirts and 2 pairs of shorts all the time!

  52. I would love to win for my son who sadly lost his job right at the beginning of Lockdown and could really do with a pick-me-up. He’s seaching for a job every day and trying to stay positive 🙂

  53. Kate Cunningham

    I’d like to win for my husband. He puts everyone else before himself and he deserves a lovely treat.

  54. I could do with some new clothes for summer as I seem to be lacking in summer clothes – not having to go into the office has made me realise I haven’t got much summer wear

  55. I’d love to win so I can treat my dad to some new clothes. He refuses to buy any clothes new, always from the charity shop, so I’d love to spruce him up with new stuff for a change!

  56. I could do with abit of cheer. and getting some new clothes would be a perfect tonic.
    Good luck everyone and stay safe ????

  57. michelle o'neill

    I would love to treat my hubby, hes a keyworker and has been working so hard the last few months

  58. My wonderful hubby and daddy of four needs a reason to buy some new clothes … he needs leading by the ear to buys some and his current ones are falling apart … still love him though!!

  59. My husband has been my carer of the last 12 years and definitely deserves a treat, I would love to pay him back just a little with this prize

  60. I’d love to win for my brother. His wife is a key worker so he has taken over all the household responsibilities and has also been looking after our 90 year old Nan by shopping and delivering essential supplies to her.

  61. I would love to win for my husband who has work right through lockdown,his wardrobe is needing updated so this would be great for him

  62. My husband is reluctant to buy new clothes and does not like anything I buy him. This would be ideal – he’d love it!

  63. Holly harmsworth

    I would love to win for my kids stepdad. He has helped them through a tough couple of years and he deserves a treat.

  64. I would love to win for my dad as a treat from my children, he’s been an amazing support and help, especially over the last few months

  65. Stephen Holman

    ive managed to lose a fair bit of weight keeping fit when ive been on lockdown. So would love to win this to treat myself to some better fitting clothes 😀

  66. Sharon l Catterall

    id love to win for my hubby because now that hes lost weight id love him to dress a bit more stylish instead of three quarter pants and huddies and trainers

  67. Corinna Jennings

    I’m nominating my lovely hubby Mark Jennings! I can’t say enough good things about him. We have 11 year old twins, both with autism and life can be really tough. We get no time together, or apart and we’re constantly sleep deprived. Despite this, he’s the most devoted, kind, patient, loving and giving father to them both. The 3 of us are super lucky to have him… ????

  68. Lyndsey cooksey

    I would love yo win yo nominate my husband as he is a site manager of our local primary school and he has been making sure his school is safe, prepared and deep cleaned to enable key workers and vulnerable children during Covid-19 to come to school everyday. Along with the staff and himself

  69. Fantastic prize for my OH, he’s not a huge fan of clothes shopping but would love to treat him and I’m sure our little boy would too!

  70. Andy Clifford

    I would love to win to refresh my wardrobe. Things are getting tired with lockdown and all the shops being shut.

  71. It would be a lovely treat for my husband. He’d finally get the chance to buy something he really liked rather than settling for something from the bargain bin!

  72. My dad has actually asked for a belt for Father’s day!! He has been working hard for the NHS and I would love to treat him really well this year!!!

  73. Lindsey Stuart

    I would really like to win so I could gift this to my Dad, he would love to go clothes shopping I am sure! There are lovely clothes on mainline menswear site.

  74. Lovely giveaway I’d love to win this for my dad he has been alone for months and it’s his birthday this month, he could also do with a little help to be more trendy lol ????

  75. Rebecca Smith

    I would like to win as my partner has been working constantly during lockdown as a caretaker in a school, ensuring it is safe for the keyworker children and staff to be there.

  76. I would be thrilled to win, to get my husband in something new, something to wear he would find comfortable and can relax in

  77. Jessica Hutton

    I would love to win this for my grandad. He is the kindest, hardest working and genuinely amazing person. He thinks of himself last and is always doing things for others. He is having and
    Operation in two weeks so I’d live to cheer him up xx

  78. Susan Hoggett

    I’d love to win this for fathers days because my dad is a complete superstar, an absolute gentleman and is a true inspiration not only to me but whoever he meets!

  79. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I should win as I would love to give this to my Husband, who is an amazing Dad and never treats himself.

  80. I’d love to win for my nephew – he got made redundant and is looking for a new job but so could use some smart clothes. He’s actually applying for anything at the moment as he is keen to get back to work to support his girlfriend and son 🙂

  81. Michelle Ptak

    Still hoping to win for hubby who could certainly do with his wardrobe replenishing! many thanks again.

  82. My dad is a wonderful person, and deserves a treat for helping us all when we left home and being there when he’s needed! xx

  83. Anneka Davies

    I’d love to win this for my fiance as he is so short on presentable clothes. Throughout lockdown he has been working so hard and been so busy doing so many diy projects and working on the garden. As a result, he has tears, rips, oil, paint and god know what else on nearly all of his clothes. His jeans are even ripped at the crotch ????

  84. Patricia Avery

    The wonderful man I married over 50 years ago never wants or needs anything for himself so its not surprising his wardrobe could do with a little updating (putting it mildly) I would love to help him do this and as the prize is to spend on menswear he wouldn’t be able to tell me to get something for myself!

  85. Perfect to treat the hubby, that’s been furloughed and trying his hardest to be teacher to our daughter whilst I’m still working as a nurse.
    He’s hating the teaching, but carrys on smiling and trying his best.

  86. Jessica Barber

    I’d love to win for my Dad! He only goes shopping when one of us daughters can go with him as he wants to make sure he’s on trend. So sweet! He’s such a lovely man. All the best for Fathers Day to you!!

  87. This would be a lovely gift for my husband who has worked solidly through the lockdown to ensure we all had water.

  88. angie pickering

    I would love to win for my partner for Fathers Day. He never buys himself clothes so is in dire need, it would be great for him to have some nice clothes for when we can go out again!!

  89. I’d love to win this for my partner. I am a nurse and I could not have got through the past few weeks without his support. He deserves a treat!

  90. Julie Sheavyn-Bentley

    Wow what a terrific prize, it would be amazing to win this for the man in our family. Such great names of clothes to choose from to suit all aged

  91. Pauline Burroughs

    I’d love to win for my husband. He’s worked all the way through this pandemic. He’s supported me and our children and grandchildren. He really deserves to be made to feel special

  92. Jade OSullivan

    i’d love to win this for my dad, he has been amazing during lockdown and he’s still not back at work.
    So a nice treat for him!

  93. Anthea Holloway

    I would love to win this for my husband, John, who is such a great husband, father and grandfather. He would love it all.

  94. Christine Lockley

    I’d love to win and treat the hubby, he’s a great Dad and Grand dad and this would be a fab treat

  95. Dads isolated for 3 months and I’ve shielded, seeing each other for bbq at our this weekend this would be the icing on the cake to treat him

  96. Suzanne Sendell

    I’d love to win this for my partner, Ive been working and he Is not at the moment, all my gardens have been transformed
    Only thing Is he has put so much weight on he reminds me of Bart Simson

  97. Gaynor Vincent

    I would love to win some so I could get some gorgeous clothes for my lovely hubby – he is so wonderful and I would love to bring a smile to his face

  98. Mark Whittaker

    I honestly cant remember when I treated myself to clothes I want rather than just getting clothes I need . This would be a great excuse to treat myself .

  99. My son is a key worker – enriching the lives of vulnerable young people in care. Needless to say he is still working full time and remaining enthusiastic to provide a consistent and stable home life for these people. Would love to reward him for all his effort.

  100. My girls keep telling me that I’m not cool enough to strut around in shorts and t-shirts, help me prove them wrong!

  101. Sheila Reeves

    Would love to win for my husband, he’sin need of some new jogging bottoms – ones you could wear out and not just do the decorating in!

  102. Margaret Jones

    Our Hero Steve Jones, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad loves to look smart …. the BEST gift we could ever give him. He’s been through 2 cancers successfully but ALWAYS been there for all the family. He really DESERVES this amazing prize

  103. Our Hero Steve Jones, Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad loves to look smart …. the BEST gift we could ever give him. He’s been through 2 cancers successfully but ALWAYS been there for all the family. He really DESERVES this amazing prize

  104. Id love to win for my teen son he needs some new trousers as he has shot up and we are avoiding the shops!

  105. Tim Woolfenden

    I’m so lazy when it comes to clothes shopping , but Mainline has some stylish threads that even I could wear with style!!

  106. Great giveaway and blog post – I think I’ve been slacking with clothing over lockdown…. looking forward to refreshing the wardrobe whenever this ends!


    I would love to win as my husband currently seems to wear jogging bottoms and stained cartoon themed t’shirts, if this continues I maybe forced to trade him in for a more stylish model!

  108. Deanie Gillies

    What a fabulous prize! Would be such a treat for Mr G, he does love to look his best! He’s an amazing Daddy to my daughter and honestly the best role model I could ever have ever wish for X

  109. id like to get Husband a new barbour jacket, he is very down at the moment due to the current working conditions and this would cheer him up immensely!

  110. This would be such a lovely treat for my husband. Would definitely cheer him up during these uncertain times.

  111. I would love to win this fabulous prize for Allan Dean who always puts his family first Nothing is ever too much trouble and he is always happy to help anyone who needs a favour. Here’s hoping I’m lucky enough – fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity ???? ????

  112. I would love to win for my husband who is a great dad to our toddler and stepdad to our teens while also working so hard as an engineer. This would be a great fathers day gift and also a gift for our upcoming anniversary

  113. Faridah Brooker

    I’d love to win for my son who didn’t do anything for his 16th birthday as he was in isolation, and I couldn’t get him anything as I was ill with covid myself. I’d love for him to be able to choose something trendy himself, and not worry about the cost!

  114. Romana Richards

    My husband (father to our 4 children and grandfather to one and soon to be joined by another) would look good in this style. He likes to dress well.

  115. Love the range of styles available from Mainline Menswear that you’ve shown here. So down to earth and classic styling, from such fab, familiar brands, and as the main buyer of my Husband’s clothes Mainline Menswear is certainly one to keep in mind.


    I would love to win this for my husband, who is my rock & cares for me every day since ill health left me disabled/housebound in 2015. We are both shielding until 30th June and I fractured my elbow 6 weeks ago whilst in lockdown creating more stress. It would be a wonderful surprise treat for him on our wedding anniversary which is coming upshortly.

  117. I would love to win this for my husband as he has been so supportive while I have been recovering from Shingles

  118. My partner is always doing nice things for me and my Daughters, would be a fab way to say thank you and treat him in return x

  119. I would love to win for my husband. He has been amazing during the lockdown, working the whole way through apart from when he developed sepsis. He has also been looking after his elderly parents, doing all their shopping for them. Our daughter works for an agency so she’s had no work since February and he has supported her financially so I think he deserves a really nice treat!

  120. My hubby really deserves a treat as he missed out on our wedding anniversary as I couldn’t get to the shops

  121. I’m on furlough leave myself so am a bit careful with money but my other half’s been working hard. I’d love to treat him to some really nice new clothes.

  122. Would love to win for my partner he deserves a treat as been working hard during this pandemic keeping people connected as a postie.

  123. Claudia Carroll

    My husband has been working throughout the pandemic! He never spends anything on himself so it would be lovely to treat him ♥

  124. If I win, I’ll treat my son, who’s 19 next week – another family birthday during lockdown ???? Thanks for the great giveaway ????

  125. Tracey Hallmark

    I’d love to surprise my love man Steve for #FathersDay he is a great dad to his 3 sons and instils in them a lot of the values he was taught during his 24 years in the Royal Navy plus he’s a dab hand with an iron so deserves a treat ironing for all the family hehe

  126. Paul Chadwick

    As a father of 4 i sacrificed a lot so my kids could have good upbringing i would like to win so i can treat myself and start to enjoy my life again.

  127. I would love to win this for my hardworking hubby & amazing dad to our 3 boys. He never treats himself as his boys come 1st so this would be amazing for him

  128. After having to give up work for health reasons by man has lost all sense of style and lounges around in tee shirts and joggers. Some smart new clothes would do his self esteem the world of good.

  129. I would love to win for my partner who has been working throughout this pandemic. As we are isolating I haven’t been able to take the kids to get their Dad anything. I would love to treat him as he deserves so much and is a rock for us.

  130. l would love to win for my hubby he always makes sure his family has enough it would be lovely to treat him for once.

  131. This would make such a wonderful treat for Hubby from the kids, Ive retweeted as Hackettlady too. Thank you.

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