How not to use a lensball

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It’s been another manic week, all the more so as Helen returned to school for a couple of settling in days before the ‘big’ return this week. Despite being so busy, I did manage to take a few images with my camera and Lensball, although it didn’t quite go to plan.

Landscape image taken with a Lensball
Turning the world upside down with a Lensball. . . while also melting things.

I briefly managed to breakaway from the family while we were having an afternoon stroll. I saw this landscape and couldn’t help thinking this image represented all our lives over recent months: The world being turned upside down by COVID-19. Added to that, it was a gloriously sunny afternoon with a wonderful blue sky and the meadow looked amazing.

So how did things go awry? If you’ve ever used a Lensball in sunlight, you’ll know it’s basically a massive magnifying glass. Hold it the wrong way and the magnified sun’s rays will shoot straight through the ball and burn your hand.

To avoid this, I placed the bottom of the Lensball in a plastic lens cap. I was happily snapping away and while I could feel the cap getting hot, I didn’t appreciate quite how hot it was getting. On closer inspection, I discovered it was melting!

Take a look at the picture below to see the damage. Not wanting to ruin the lens cap entirely, I bought my photography lesson to an abrupt end and went back to join the family.

The melted lens cap. Just as well I spotted this when I did!

Before I sign off, if you return to the blog tomorrow, I have written a few words about the return to school. It’s been a contentious issue for some so I felt it was worth exploring in more detail.

8 thoughts on “How not to use a lensball”

  1. that’s a fab image John, shame about the lens cap, but a great sacrifice for that photo. I don’t associate the UK with being that hot anymore #mysundayphoto

  2. Goodness, I had no idea it would burn that badly! I’ve had a few occasions since I got mine where I thought my hand was stinging. Glad I moved it away now.

  3. I had never thought of it getting that warm, but I guess they would. Such a lovely photo and I hope back to school went ok. Did they go in the end? x #mysundayphoto

  4. All the greats have suffered for their art! I can see why you wanted the photo and in my opinion it was worth it. #MySundayPhoto

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