£100 VISA gift card giveaway with DC Superhero Girls

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Introducing the DC Superhero Girls. read on to discover how you could win a £100 VISA gift card.

As stay at home dad and father of two girls, I find myself living in a strangely complicated world. I always shout loudly when I come across sexist attitudes towards me as a man fulfilling a caregiving role. Nonetheless, I am very careful about the role models my daughters follow.

Both my kids are, thankfully, quite at home playing superheroes, something you might imagine would appeal more to boys. In fact, you never know quite what superhero you are going to be faced with in our house. If the kids are hard at play, it can be Spidergirl, Superdog or sometimes even Supersheep.

It’s great when toy manufacturers recognise the need to break down gender barriers and show girls and women who aren’t simply pretty princesses (that said, my girls were huge Frozen fans; we do try to strike a balance in this household). I’ve recently discovered DC Superhero Girls. Coming from DC, with its long history of producing comic characters, I was delighted to see it provides an array of strong, fearless, edgy and fun characters.

There is the tech genius Bumblebee, martial art expert Katana and the most powerful teen on Earth; Supergirl. There are many other characters with broad appeal to all kids.

If you aren’t familiar with DC Superhero Girls, you can find out more by watching this video;

You can also visit the DC Superhero Girls Website. You’ll find an array of games, downloadable activities and other information about the characters.

To celebrate the launch of Superhero Girls, DC has launched a giveaway with a prize of a £100 Visa Gift Card. Taking part is really easy. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below.

**Competition ended. Rafflecopter removed**

The deadline for entries is Saturday, 30 April. Good luck to all who enter!

Disclosure; This article was commissioned by DC Superhero Girls.

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