Light relief in lockdown

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Another week in lockdown with little happening! The highlight for us was the snowfall. It was, I have to say, a moment of light relief.

A dusting of snow gave us all some light relief during this infernal lockdown.

Helen, Izzy, Mrs Adams and I threw a few snowballs, we built a snowman and we got the sledges out. As the day progressed, I noticed more and more snowmen on the streets. It was just a bit of fun and a much needed break from the constant rainfall.

I took myself off for a brief walk with my camera. I spotted these berries hanging on a bush. It was a small splash of colour in among the silvery-white snow and I thought it looked very seasonal.

Did you enjoy the snow? Have you anything to report from the past week? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I have added this picture to the #MySundayPhoto blog linky hosted by Darren Coleshill’s photography blog. Follow this link to pay it a visit yourself.

11 thoughts on “Light relief in lockdown”

  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun in the snow. It sounds like it was such a break from the norm for many.
    We haven’t had any snow yet just plenty of frost.
    What a pretty picture x

    1. May you soon have snow (just a little, none of us wants days of it!). It really did provide a break from the norm.

    1. And may your next flurry come while isolating so it doesn’t mess up any plans you have (although what plans you could have I don’t know!).

  2. What a lovely photo. I’m jealous that you have sledges! We broke ours a few years ago and have never got round to replacing them. It’s one of those things you only think about when it snows of course. We made a snowman at the park, as did a lot of other people. When I went back the following day, every single one of them had been smashed up!

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