Putting up a Christmas tree: How difficult can it be?

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It’s Christmas time and so it’s a time for giving, charity and fun. Oh, yes, let’s not forget drama.

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Izzy takes a break under the Christmas tree. Alas, I had no time for a relaxing experience such as this.

I’ve written in the past about some of the dramas we’ve faced. This year the drama has revolved around the Christmas tree.

You know how it’s meant to go. You go out, you buy a tree, you place it in your living room in a bucket with an inch of water in the bottom and then the entire family has great fun decorating it.

In previous years, this is pretty much how things have worked in our house. Well, I say that. Until last year we had an artificial tree so the ‘going-out-and-buying’ bit wasn’t a part of the deal.

Anyway, a week later than planned, we went off to a local garden centre to buy a tree. I wanted a tree slightly smaller than Mrs Adams but I really couldn’t be bothered to dig my heels in. For an additional £15 we ended up with a tree so tall we can’t put a star on it because it almost touches the ceiling.

This, however, is just one of the issues we faced. We got back home at half past four in the afternoon and I immediately set to work trimming the trunk of the tree to ensure it fitted in to the base. Then the base broke so I had to repair it.

Once repaired and trimmed, we lifted the tree into the base, only to find it needed additional trimming. Standing out on our front door step in the rain and under the light of one working exterior light, I found myself swinging an axe and cutting the trunk down to size for a second time. Wow, I know how to have a good time.

This time: success! The trimmed tree was now sat in its repaired base.

It was time to decorate and the kids were very excited. As everyone knows, however, you must start with the lights. I dug the lights out, and with help from my daughters Helen and Izzy, strung the lights around the tree.

We then hit the switch and….nothing happened. The lights were kaput. I tried the fuse but to no avail.

Helen and I then jumped in the car for what should have been an easy Christmas light buying mission. Needless to say, this was not the case at all.

There was added stress: Mrs Adams had put Helen’s dinner in the oven and so we had to complete this mission within a set time frame or else it would be ruined.

After visiting two shops I had to call Mrs Adams and tell her to turn the oven off. We had no choice but to go to a nearby massive-huge-o-mega-plex store. You know the kind of place, the sort that destroys smaller, local businesses, ruins communities and where appalling customer service comes as standard.

Despite my reservations, the massive-huge-o-mega-plex store came up trumps. Not only did we return home triumphant with Christmas lights and three pieces of tinsel, but also with the bag of long grain rice Mrs Adams had requested we buy for our own dinner.

With that mission complete, Helen ate her dinner and then we all got to work decorating the tree. It was by now half past eight at night. The children were tired, I was tired and slightly exhausted. It wasn’t exactly the care-free jolly atmosphere it was meant to be, but we got the job done and it was a team effort.

I can whinge and I can moan. Ultimately, however, I laugh at the misfortune I experienced. I am, after all, very fortunate to have a wonderful family to experience these moments with and am lucky enough to be able to have a Christmas tree.

Many people in this world can’t say that, especially in these very troubled times. While the whole experience was a pain, it did make me reflective and thankful for all I have.

Have you experienced a moment of Christmas-induced stress this year? If so, what happened? Please do leave a comment below with your story.

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    1. Yeah, I am inclined to agree. That’s part of the reason we bought a proper base for the tree. Little did I realise just how much hard work would be required to get the tree to fit into the base!

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