Review: Aldi bibs and tights

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I have to say that Aldi wouldn’t be the first name that springs to mind when buying items for the children such as bibs and tights. I was, therefore, very curious to take a look when I was informed it was stocking a new range of baby and toddler products.

bib, baby, toddler, long-sleeved bib, review, Aldi
introducing Aldi’s long-sleeved bib. Good quality and good value for money.

That’s not, by the way, snobbery against discount stores; I’m a huge fan of them. It just so happens there isn’t an Aldi near us so we don’t tend to go very often.

As from the end of January, the store introduced a number of new items for families with young children. These include sleep suits for babies, a Motorola-branded baby monitor, baby socks (regular readers will know I have a fixation with matching baby socks), tights, long-sleeved bibs and even a nursing bra.

We have been giving the tights and long sleeved bis a whirl. Here’s what we think thus far.


The tights re cotton rich. They come in six different designs and are available in sizes suitable from birth until four years old. As you’d expect they’re machine washable. Elizabeth, our baby daughter, has abused them in all the usual ways; crawling in them, falling over in them, spilling things on them and so on. Thus far, they’ve lasted well. At £1.99 for a pack of two you can’t go too far wrong.

Long-sleeved bib

tights, baby, babies, infant, clothing, Aldi, review
Aldi’s range of tights for babies and youngsters.

These bibs are cotton but have a plastic reverse so paint, food etc shouldn’t make it on to your youngster’s clothes.The stitching seems good and they’re washable in a 40 degree C wash. In short, they certainly do the job and represent good value at £2.99 for a pack of two.

At these prices, Aldi’s range is worth considering. You can find out more at http://aldi.co.uk.


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