Review: Pacific Rim

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Run away quickly if one of these things approaches your family home.
Run away quickly if one of these things approaches your family home.

Directed by legendary film maker Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim is an action-packed thriller. Having just been released on Blu-Ray and DVD, it’s possibly not the kind of thing you would sit down and watch with granny, but it will keep older children and mum and dad entertained.

The story goes something like this. The Earth is under attack from alien creatures that rise from the sea. Humans develop massive robots called Jaegers to fight the aliens. After a long war it looks like the human race is about to lose but two unlikely heroes use an obsolete Jaeger in a last bid to save the world. You’ll have to watch the film, however, to find out what happens.

This Warner Brothers production features lots of great animation and the obligatory amazing special effects. It also has a strong cast that includes Ron Pearlman, Charlie Hunman and Idris Elba.

With a film classification of 12, it’s not something Mrs Adams and I watched with our children. We made sure they were in bed beforehand! If they were teenagers it would have been a different story.

As I say, it’s just been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. The film can be bought from all major stockists and expect to pay around £15.

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