Review; Vita Coco kids’ drink

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Vita CocoI always try to provide my children with healthy drinks; water, fruit juices and the like. Offering the kids a healthy option and them actually drinking it, however, are two different things.

I have, however, just been introduced to Vita Coco. It’s a very simple drink; essentially it’s just flavoured coconut water and boasts no artificial sweetners, preservatives or colourings. I was hoping this could be a healthier alternative to the squashes they are most keen on.

When I was asked to try it, I had some reservations because, at almost 40% coconut water, I assumed it would have a high fat content. To my surprise, there is no fat in it whatsoever.

As regards sugar and carbohydrates, each 180ml carton has 5g of sugar and 22 calories. As a very rough comparison, orange juice would contain around four times as much sugar.

Vita Coco is available in two flavours; mango and pineapple and apple and blackcurrant. I wasn’t sure what my two kids were going to make of the drinks, but we gave both flavours a try. My two loved them and I had to wade in before they could get into a fight about who was going to have which carton.

I have managed to drink one carton of apple and blackcurrant myself. I would drink it if offered, although I personally prefer my water to come unflavoured (that’s no reflection on the product).

Vita Coco is available from Holland and Barrett, Tesco, Morrisons and a variety of other outlets.

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