The Shard, as seen from Tower Bridge

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As half-term neared its end, we paid a family visit to Tower Bridge in London on Friday. Being something of an engineering geek, I was very keen to learn about the bridge’s construction and how it works.

Shard, The Shard, City Hall, London Eye, Tower Bridge, view from Tower Bridge
The Shard and City Hall in London, as viewed from Tower Bridge.

My kids seemed more impressed with the south and west walkways. These are enclosed walkways at the top of the bridge. They allow you to walk from one side to the other and each one is glass bottomed so you can look down and see the River Thames and road below.

Alas, I didn’t have much luck with my photography during the visit. This was the one image that stood out from the day. It shows the Shard right in the centre. In the foreground on the left is City Hall, home of the Mayor of London. Look closely and you’ll just see the London Eye at the bottom right of the Shard.

It wasn’t particularly sunny and so I flipped the image to B&W. To be honest, it just completes the greyness of the day!

For those who like detail, shutter speed was 1/200 of a second, aperture f9, focal length 35mm and ISO 100. It’s been cropped and put through a black and white filter but is otherwise unedited.

Although I didn’t have much luck, largely because I had to keep my eye on our three year old, I was surprised at what a good spot Tower Bridge is for seeing London landmarks. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but it’s one of those locations that just doesn’t spring to mind. You can see Canary Wharf in the distance, HMS Belfast is right in front of you and you can see the Shard, City Hall etc.

Have you taken photographs of London landmarks? If so, what locations do you recommend? Tower Bridge came as quite a pleasant surprise so I’m thinking I should explore some locations off the beaten track.

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29 thoughts on “The Shard, as seen from Tower Bridge”

    1. The wlakways are fun. In fact there’s a mirror above one of them so you can take a selfie with the Thames underneath you!

  1. Fab photo! We were in London briefly on Wednesday and the kids wanted to go to Tower Bridge precisely because they like seeing all the landmarks – especially the Shard. It was a bit too much of a trek though, so they had to make do with seeing Big Ben and the London Eye.

    1. I’d recommend it next time you are in town. The glass walkways are fun and you do get an impressive view of the landmarks.

  2. Do I see triangular bokeh? And is that ferris wheel the same one you get to see in Dr Who? (One of the early reboot episodes). The Shard is one impressive building! For that matter so is that domed building. And I am totally going to have to google the London Eye now.

    1. City Hall is kinda-impressive but the Shard is better. That said, there is a brass model of City Hall right in front of the building. It has been cast quite badly and looks like, well, an intimate part of the male body.

    1. The SHard is an impressive building. Wasn’t sure about it when it was being built, but it’s firmly part of the landscape now!

    1. It’s not a commonn vantage point for photographers. I think that’s why it works well. Thanks for your kind words Fiona.

    1. Thanks Victoria. I think it’s a location few photographers take pics from so it is an interesting landscape.

  3. Flipping this photo in B&W brings out the best in the buildings and makes you look more at their structure & textures. Considering you weren’t having much luck, this is a great shot.
    I’ve never taken the children along the walkways of Tower Bridge – I didn’t remember they had glass elements either. It’s now on my list !

    1. I think your kids are probably old enough to appreciate it Tracey. I fear mine were possibly a touch on the young side but we had a good day anyway. Glad you liked the pic.

  4. I don’t think my fear of heights would cope with glass bottomed walkways! Fabulous image, it works really well I have a soft spot for that part of London, I was on the design team for City Hall, and for Tower Place on the other side of the river 🙂

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