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Short car journeys are the bane of my life

If I had an office, it would be the family car. For someone like myself who thinks long and hard about their environmental responsibilities, it’s a painful thing to admit, but the car is effectively my second home.  

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Childhood memories of the school run

Following six weeks with no school run, I once again find myself battling through traffic for thirty minutes, twice a day as I drop my eldest daughter off in the morning and collect her in the afternoon. I say undertake. Tolerate is a more accurate word.

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A photo of the North Downs, caught on the school run

Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the beauty of what surrounds you. The scenery in this picture made me do just that. I was driving the kids to school along some back roads at the edge of the North Downs to avoid major roadworks. It was a route I had only taken once

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