What’s the Best Time to Get an MOT Test?

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If you are someone who dislikes the whole idea of your MOT test, you might be wondering what the title of this article even means. What’s the best time to get an MOT test? When it’s due, of course! But there are ways to make the whole MOT process easier and less stressful for you. Let’s take a look.

Better Early than Late

There is no grace period with the MOT test certificate. The expiry date of the certificate is a hard one. There is a pernicious rumour that there is a two-week ‘grace’ period after the expiry of your certificate but this has always been little more than wishful thinking! The only time there was ever a grace period occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, when certificates were automatically extended for six months or so. If your MOT test is due at a time when you won’t be able to get it done in a timely fashion, you should take steps to get it done early rather than risk not having a valid certificate – this may disrupt your anniversary date (see next paragraph for details) but this is better than not being continuously covered. Apart from anything else, the lack of a current MOT test will invalidate your motoring insurance policy.

Within a Month of the Anniversary Date

If the idea of losing your anniversary date (essentially your car’s ‘birthday’) is upsetting to you, you can book your MOT at any time in the thirty days prior to the certificate’s expiry date without losing that anniversary date. If you are especially quick with your booking, you may even end up with an effective thirteen-month MOT certificate to give you real motoring peace of mind.

After Some Preparation

Find the MOT test particulars online (check the live link every year to make sure you get the most updated version of the checklist) and slowly work your way through it, checking all the items that are easy for a layman to check: that your lights are working well, that your brakes are sharply responsive, and that your mirrors and numberplate are properly attached. When it comes to road safety, it really doesn’t matter which part of UK you are driving in. Scotland has extremely busy roads and the influx of traffic can get very volatile. In order to feel safe, you should consult local experts who adhere to the updated MOT guidelines. Talking specifically about Scotland; you can book your MOT in Stirling from Fife Autocentre. Their local branches are updated according to the latest standards and the technology they use is also cutting edge.

The MOT test should not be a trial to you, and following the above steps can help you to feel a bit more sanguine about it all now that you understand more about the timings of your MOT test.

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