Redex: Will it improve the family car’s performance?

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What does our family car have in common with a WWII fighter aircraft? The honest answer is “not much” but there is one minor, tenuous connection.

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Redex fuel additive: I’ll be using this over the next few months to see if it improves the performance of our family car.

I shall keep you in suspense no longer. The connection is Redex fuel additive.

I am, you see, carrying out an experiment with our car over the next three months. Every time I fill it up, I will be adding Redex to see if it improves the vehicle’s performance.

Redex is designed to keep the fuel system clean. In a diesel vehicle, the fuel injection system is particularly vulnerable to dirt build-up as the injectors are as thin as a human hair.

The makers of Redex claim that regular use will improve performance and this, in turn, will make your vehicle more fuel efficient and give you improved miles to the gallon. So what’s all this got to do with WWII fighter aircraft?

Well, Redex has a long history dating back to 1922. During WWII, aircraft were routinely given a shot of Redex each time they were refuelled to improve performance.

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Getting ready to fill up with Redex.

Thankfully we live in quieter times. I’m merely using it in a Renault Scenic!

It’s very easy to use. Redex comes in 90ml bottles costing around £4 a bottle or can be bought in a four bottle pack for around £10 from stockists including Wilko, Asda and B&Q. Each time you fill up, you simply pour in a bottle. I’m using the diesel variety although you can get a version for petrol vehicles.

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A four bottle ‘boot pack’ of Redex fuel additive.

I have to say this is new territory for me. I haven’t used fuel additives in the past so I shall be watching closely.

Thus far, I have only filled up the tank once. It’s too early to say if it has improved performance in any way but I will write a follow up shortly. You’ll also be able to follow my progress on social media where I’ll be regularly posting.

As this is an ongoing experiment, I’d love to know what your experience is of using fuel additives. Maybe you swear by them or perhaps you remain to be convinced of the benefits. Whatever your experiences, please leave a comment below. More information can be found online at the Redex website.

Disclosure: This commissioned post was produced in association with Redex.

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10 thoughts on “Redex: Will it improve the family car’s performance?”

    1. A V6 Kia you say? Very impressive! Keep an eye on the blog and you’ll see how I get on. Hopefully the experiment will work and then you can try Redex yourself.

    1. No, nothing like that at all! In fact I have seen Redex on special offer at one or two retailers at £2 a bottle. At that price I think it must be better value than high-end fuels.

  1. I live in Russia and more than 15 years ago I had an opportunity to test Redex for petrol cars!
    I got excellent results in adding power and improving gas mileage on my old 240hp turbo car.
    It’s a cool brand!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been contacted by a few people singing the praises of Redex so I’m hopeful I’ll see a great improvement by the end of this experiment.

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