Nothing like the White Cliffs of Dover

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We have just returned following a short break in France. The four of us plus my mother in law stayed in a small town between Calais and Dunkirk and I went with all my camera equipment with the intention of getting some great imagery from a part of France that is both beautiful and full of historical significance.

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The White Cliffs of Dover and a ferry are silhouetted by the bright sun as we arrived in Dover after a couple of days in France.

I took a number of photos of the landscape but pretty quickly gave up. For the couple of days we were in France, a thick fog descended on the area, the kind of fog the area is notorious for and which the commanders of the Allied Forces were keen to avoid before giving the go-ahead for the D-Day landings in June 1944.

Staying in the Dunkirk area, I had been hoping to take some photographs on the beaches. I tried, but the fog sucked all the colour and out of the images and it was so thick depth of field was minimal. It was, however, a good opportunity to talk to Helen and Izzy about the history of World War II and visiting and playing on the beaches in Dunkirk brought the history of the area alive for them.

It was only in the couple of hours before we left that the fog lifted and the sun began to shine and gloriously at that! The English Channel has provided me with many photographic opportunities in the past, but I thought this shot of the White Cliffs of Dover and the port, silhouetted by the sun provided a different perspective to an image of that famous white chalk.

In my late teenage years, I was a regular visitor to France. I travelled to Paris on a monthly basis on the Eurolines bus (yes, really!) and this involved taking the ferry. I fell in love with the White Cliffs of Dover because, on the return journey, they were a sign I was almost home.

All these years later, I still look out for those cliffs. I’m photographed them many times, but until now, never managed to take a photograph of them that I’m happy with.

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20 thoughts on “Nothing like the White Cliffs of Dover”

  1. I have never seen the white cliffs of Dover but I have never crossed the English Channel on a boat, it has quite an eerie look to it fab photo #mysundayphoto

    1. It was a great way to bring the conflict to life for them. Helen took more of it in I think but that’s what I’d expect at her age.

  2. I hope you had a great break. I’ve never really stopped to take photos of the cliffs. It’s normally a quick up on the boat and off you go.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. Once you’re on the car deck, it is a very quick process indeed. I took the shots just before we went back to the car.

  3. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    There’s defintely something about the white cliffs isn’t there. Glad you’re finally happy with your shot. It’s a beaut!

  4. There’s nothing quite as iconic as the White Cliffs when thinking about the voyage home. They’re such a symbol of the UK. I’ve been to France a few times, and always remember a journey I took with my dad to Colleville-sur-Mer. We went to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial – a lush green vista with lines and lines of white crosses. One of the most solemn experiences of my life. Couldn’t help but wonder about what it was like on that same spot on that June morning of 1944. Very surreal.

    1. I was trying to make that point to my daughters as it happens. We went to the museum in Dunkirk and they were a bit, ahem, lively, shall we say. When I took them on to the beach and expalined this is where the fighting had taken place, they showed a lot more interest. It bought the experience home to them.

  5. I love the view of the White Cliffs of Dover every time I’ve left the UK on a ferry. Lovely shot, it makes the port look like it is part of the cliffs #mysundayphoto

    1. Ah, well noticed. I hadn’t thought it the port looking like it was part of the cliffs but you’re right! Got to love the White Cliffs.

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