2013 A year in review

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I always feel flattered and honoured when other people give my blog some kind of recognition. I was, therefore, delighted when Darren Coleshill, author of the fantastic OneDad3Girls blog and the throbbing, fuel-injected powerhouse behind LoveAllDads listed me in his Year in Review 2013.

There are a few rules that everyone listed is asked to adhere to. These are:

1. In your post, be sure to link back and thank the blogger that previously tagged you

2. Answer the questions below and tag at least 5 other bloggers

3. Include the badge in your post (in my case it can be found in the sidebar)

Without further ado, here are the questions posed and my answers:

1. Your top 5 new favourite blogs to read in 2013

(I’ve interpreted this to mean blogs new to me in 2013, not necessarily new blogs)

Dads The Way I Like It – Written by Jonathan Ervine, this blog looks at many contentious issues affecting parents, in particular dads. Jonathan also has an interest in raising his child as a fluent Welsh and English speaker.

Skint Dad – Written by Ricky, who wishes to write about the same things mums do, but from a dad’s perspective. As the name suggests, the blog is also full of money saving tips.

The Geriatric Mother – Written by Sue Barsby, I like this blog because Sue writes about a lot of subjects that interest me, in particular gender equality.

The Kraken Wakes – Written by Cath Janes. Amongst other things, Cath also writes gender equality issues. Cath’s delivery is first rate and she is more than happy to start a debate. Sort of a blogging incendiary device.

A Dad Called Spen Written by Spencer, a true gent I’ve had the good fortune to meet a couple of times. When Spencer writes about his children, he does it in the most amazing way. His blog, however, covers a huge array of issues and he’s infamous for taking on the might of Amazon for continuing to sell a highly questionable parenting book.

2. List your 5 most read blog posts of 2013

Promoting positive body image – what do you do? A post about positive body image and what fathers can do to promote it in their children.

How not to make a costume for you child’s Christmas play A humorous look at how I’ve messed up this most simple of tasks.

Dad’s money is as good as mum’s Stay at home dads are becoming more common so why are so many parenting products marketed solely at mums? Here’s my opinion on the matter.

Fun at the dentist Want to have fun at the dentist? Well take my two girls with you, sit back and watch what happens.

Making childcare appeal to men The childcare workforce in the UK is 98% female. Society is missing a trick by not encouraging more men to consider this as a career choice.

3. Name one blog you wish you had found sooner

Delusions of Candour – Written by Sam Candour. Sam writes about a variety of subjects including parenting and the mental health issues she faces. I like her writing style and would recommend you have a read.

4. Your favourite blog post of 2013

My favourite blog post of 2013 would be the one highlighted above, How not to make a costume for your child’s Christmas play. This one, however, did a huge amount to raise the profile of my blog and I was very pleasantly surprised to be asked to host this twitter Q&A.

5. What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog next year?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I always want to improve things. I want to improve my use of Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. I’ve also got plans to diversify the range of subjects I write about. I shall also live by the mantra that it’s vital to post as often as possible, but that it’s better not to post at all if you have nothing of quality to write.

6. Name one blog you have a blog crush on

Good grief, this makes me sound like I’m about 17. I don’t do crushes. Next question.

7. How often do you post?

I post on my own blog around three times a week. It tends to be a mixture of what I would call a ‘creative’ blog post, picture led content such as #SilentSunday / #MySundayPhoto and also reviews and a little sponsored content. In addition to this I also write blog posts for Kiddicare, BritMums and the Huffington Post.

8. Share your first post of 2013

Thankfully it was of my better, funnier blog posts (if you’ll forgive me for saying so). You know when you’re trying to cook and someone else is in the kitchen getting in the way and asking annoying questions? Here’s my take on this highly irritating scenario.

Do not disturb, I’m on the hob

9. Name one thing you would be doing if you weren’t typing this post right now

My wife thinks I’m writing a communications plan for a paying client so I guess I should be doing that. Or my tax return.

10. What have you loved the most about blogging this year?

I only launched my blog in November 2012 so I was on a massive learning curve throughout last year and had massive support from many people. I’ll only miss names out if I start trying to name each individual, but I am thankful for everyone that’s supported me, helped me read my blog and commented on it. I’ve made mistakes along the way but I’ve also learned a huge amount about blogging and social media and also improved my writing skills.

If I had to pick one thing I loved the most, it was speaking at BritMums Live. As a dad blogger this meant a great deal to me and it was a real honour to be asked to participate.

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  2. @ADadCalledSpen

    Thanks for the mention, and it was an honour to finally meet you last year. Hope to do it again in 2014. I’m sure we can set the world to rights over a medium sherry and some nibbles.

    All the best.

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