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Over the past couple of weeks my camera has travelled everywhere with me. I’ve invested in some new equipment and I’ve been snapping everywhere I’ve visited from rural Scotland to Central London. The images I am sharing in this post were taken on Boxing Day when we were in Scotland visiting my wife’s family.

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Helen prepares to throw a snowball. She and her sister had been hoping for a white Christmas, but had to make do with a white Boxing Day. As you can see, it was worth the wait.

My daughters, Helen and Izzy, had been hoping for a white Christmas. I’d explained to them repeatedly that this was unlikely to happen and, sure enough, Christmas Day came and went without any snow whatsoever.

Boxing Day, however, was a different story as snow had fallen quite heavily overnight. I was so glad I had my camera with me as I was able to take these images of the Lanarkshire countryside.

The image above shows Helen preparing to throw a snowball across a large, frozen puddle. I’ve increased the whites and reduced the vibrancy while editing. I like the tunnel effect of the path and the reflections of the snow in the puddle, plus the fact Helen’s coat and clothes provide a little contrast.

The image below shows a horse in a field with the Campsie Hills in the background. You can just about see the Campsies through the mist if you squint!

Campsies, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Boxing Day, white boxing day, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, school tun dad, stay at home dad, SAHD,
A horse feeds in the shadows of the Campsies Hills.

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41 thoughts on “Almost a white Christmas”

  1. Hi John, it is fun testing out new camera equipment. Your first photo looks like a scene out of Narnia, I love the tunnel effect and the snowy branches. Having a camera around your neck must be a good way to avoid getting snowballed?


  2. Looks like you are enjoying your new camera equipment. Fab shots we didn’t see any snow the girls were a little disappointed. #mysundayphoto

    1. Oh they were delighted to see some snow and to play in it. I had to go and buy them gloves especially. Glad you got some too!

    1. I see what you mean, it does look a little like a film set doesn’t it? Who knows, maybe you will get snow at some point.

    1. Too much new equipment to list here I’m afraid Darren! In fact I have more arriving tomorrow. It was amazingly photogenic up there.

  3. Catie: Spectrum Mum

    You have captured the beauty and magic that snow brings brilliantly. Lovely shots! It looks very very cold but beautiful. #mysundayphoto

    1. Ooo, probably about 15cm. it wasn’t too deep and the roads were certainly still operating. The rural areas looked magical, as you can see.

    1. Didn’t really get any at home if that makes you feel any better Kim. It was all up in Scotland, although that did mean I got to take these pictures.

  4. It must be quite a drive for you to pop up to scotland and you do it so much (I’m very envious 🙂 I’m hoping to go to Cairngorms this year!). Those pictures are so beautiful, especially the Lanarkshire lake one.

    1. Oh it’s a long drive. About six hours. I thought the pics stood out, they’re getting a great response which is awesome.

  5. I think our snow came the day after yours. I think it’s nicer to have it afterwards (after family have gone home). A few years ago, my mum and brother struggled to get to us for Christmas day because of the snow. It took about an hour for my brother to go 3 miles to get my mum and then 7 miles to us.

    1. My parents had a lot of snow in the Cotswolds, not too far from you. In fact, i that they had m ore than fell in Scotland.

  6. Fab photos love, I try to never leave the house without mine and yay for snow over the Christmas break – you captured a winter wonderland perfectly #MySundayPhoto

    1. I often leave the house with a camera but my trick can be to leave the memory card at home! Done that more than once. Glad you liked the picture.

  7. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    Wow what a winter wonderland. Svc now really is so beautiful. Hard to photograph but you’ve done a brilliant job. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Paul. Oddly, it was very simple to shoot. I wasn’t sure what the results would be like but it went swimmingly.

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