Holding the world in my hand

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For a few brief hours this week, the sun was high in the sky. I charged out with my Lensball to try taking some photographs while the light was decent and snapped this image. I can’t help thinking it looks a little like I have the world in my hand.

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Holding the world in my hand. Okay, not quite, but it’s a nice effect, nonetheless.

In truth it’s not the ‘world’ but a small part of it. It’s a tiny part of the Surrey Hills with the sun in the background.

My aim was to take an image that made the horizon a continuous line. I partially achieved my aim, although my hand isn’t in quite the correct position.

I’ve increased the vibrance of the image to give the sky in the Lensball that marvellous blue colour. It also bought out those rainbow colours to the right of the Lensball.

I have to say, I am looking forward to the arrival of spring and summer. The past few weeks of winter have been so grey and haven’t provided the best conditions for photography. I’m longing for the plants to bloom and the sun to shine so I can take some well-lit photographs in the countryside with real colour in them.

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27 thoughts on “Holding the world in my hand”

  1. Hi John, you’ve got the blue of a Greek sky there, well, not at the moment. We’ve had a pretty grey winter so far too. Roll on spring! The photo you shared a few weeks back using the lens ball got me all excited, I’d never even heard of one before then. Last week I finally ordered one and can’t wait to start playing with it. It’s fascinating what can be done with something so simple!


    1. How amazing, that’s the second person to have bought a Lensball having seen my pics! I hope you have lots of fun with it. They seem to be very popular on Instagram.

    1. Oh I can’t wait to feel the summer sun on my skin. I think that appeals more than the photographic benefits in all honesty.

    1. I’m looking forward to visiting some off-the-beaten track places in summer with the Lensball. I think that’s when it will come into its own.

    1. Well capturing the sun was kid-of my idea. I wasn’t sure if it would work and it did need a bit of editing, but I got there in the end.

  2. Using the lensball is such an interesting concept and very extreme fish eye almost. I cannot wait for some proper sunshine. We’re forecast snow all week ????

  3. I fancy getting one of them! Not that I’d be able to do all that much with one, my photography skills are very much at the beginner stage #MySundayPhoto

    1. Could be ideal for a beginner, truth be told. There’s very little technical about them, just got to get the shot right, although it does take practice.

  4. The grey and rain of winter has dragged hasn’t it. I’ve really struggled as weekends are my only time and that’s when the weather seems to have been worse. Great shot

  5. I’ve never heard of a lensball but it sure is cool and makes for a great photo. You’ve given me an I’ve Got The Whole World In My Hands earworm.. I just began embracing the winter after feeling as if we’ve gotten away with a pretty mild season and it helps that it’s going to be 40˚ (4.44) in a few days.

    1. Oh the Lensball is great. Takes a bit of getting used to but it makes mundane scenes look amazing. Thnaks for commenting.

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