Autumn colours on display

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Sometimes you have to make time for yourself and your hobbies. To get this photograph I got up just after sunrise and headed out while the family was still sleeping. I’d been watching the leaves on the trees turn for several weeks and was very keen to photograph the autumn colours on display before they all fell to the ground. Finding the time, however, was proving a bit tricky!

autumn colours on display in a forest
I snuck out the house just after sunrise to get this picture which reflects all the colours of autumn.

Of course dads are never off-duty (this one isn’t anyway) and I had the kids on the phone asking where I was soon after I left home! I should clarify, Mrs Adams was at home to look after Helen and Izzy so they weren’t on their own. They just wanted to know where I was.

Don’t be fooled by the image. It’s actually a composite of four photographs. They were all shot with the camera mounted on a tripod from exactly the same position, just a few seconds apart. I then layered them on top of each during the editing process.

This was an experiment for me, it’s not a technique I’ve attempted before. I didn’t quite get the results I wanted, but I love the mix of autumn colours and tones. It features every single colour of the season and the path up the middle provides a natural line for the eye to follow.

While it involved an early start, I’m glad I made the effort. I hope you like the picture and mix of autumn colours on display.

As I usually do with my photography content, I’ve added this post to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by Darren Coleshil”s photography blog. Click on the link here to visit and see what other bloggers have been getting up to with their cameras.

15 thoughts on “Autumn colours on display”

  1. Hi John, you did a great job! Those early starts are well worth it even if you don’t get a decent photo it’s just the best time of day. Did you edit each photo layer individually before creating the final photo?


    1. Yes, Debs, I did edit each pic. It was more a case of adjusting the brightness and vibrancy as I was shooting in very poor light. You’re right though, those early starts are worth it!

    1. Thanks, but what I was hoping for was a slightly more textured photo. Not to worry though, I’ve had loads of positive feedback!

  2. It’s a beautiful photo and definitely captures autumn perfectly. I never would have guessed it was made up of four individual photos.
    How lovely to get up early and sneak out of the house too! At the weekend, I often go running before the kids are up. They always know exactly where I am though.

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