Boulevard de la Resistance; I want to live here

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The most awesome street name in the French-speaking world. Spotted on a recent family day out in Calais.

There’s not a huge amount to tell you about this photograph, other than I love the uncompromising image conjured up by the street name.

I took the picture a couple of weeks ago when my wife and two daughters went on a family day trip to Calais. It was a last minute thing, we didn’t plan our jolly jaunt in advance.

We went to a seafood restaurant for lunch and it happened to be on this street; Boulevard de la Resistance. When I saw the street sign, I just had to take a snap of it! Based purely on the name, it’s the kind of street I’d like to live on.

I assume the street name is a reference to the French Resistance movement of WWII. During our day trip, we visited the Phare du Calais, a famous lighthouse that has stood in the town since 1845.

In the lighthouse is a photograph of North Calais taken in 1944. The only buildings left standing in that part of the town at that time were the Phare du Calais and a watchtower, thought to date back to 1302. The surrounding streets were rubble and there was certainly nothing left where Boulevard de la resistance now stands. It made me realise how vicious the fighting had been in that area.


22 thoughts on “Boulevard de la Resistance; I want to live here”

    1. The day trip to Calais thing has become a regular fixture for the family! TBH, you can easily spend just as much on a day out in London so why not do it in France if you can??

    1. Yes, it was very sobering to see that picture. The devastation caused by the way was severe to say the least.

  1. That poor street sign needs some tender care or it won’t last much longer. I hope you had a fun day in Calais, I lived there for 6 months nearly 20 years ago….but I don’t remember any street names!

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