The rise of the super-commuting woman

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One of the best things about being a stay at home dad is the fact I have no commute. Well, I say that, I do sometimes wonder if the school run should be classed as a commute but that’s another story.

I leave the commuting up to Mrs Adams who strolls out the house in the early hours and doesn’t return until the early evening. According to the infographic below from breakfast cereal producer MOMA, (that’s Making Oats More Awesome to you and I), she’s one of a growing number of people who faces a long commute each day.

In fact, the infographic makes for fascinating reading. Although men are still responsible for the majority of such journeys, there has been a very steep rise over recent years in the number of women travelling for long periods, especially super-commutes of three hours or more.

Could this be a sign of a shift in society? More women with careers they are reluctant to give up, more women in better paid jobs? More men doing what I do and running the family and home?

In truth, I suspect that only tells part of the story. I’m sure property prices and making sacrifices to live near good schools explains much of this. Even so, I’m sure that a rise in female breadwinners and increase in stay and work from home fathers must explain why some women are commuting for longer (although I feel uncomfortable celebrating the fact anyone faces such a long commute).

Do you think this is the case? Please do take a look at the infographic below and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Disclosure; this post was produced in partnership with MOMA.

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