Flamey the sheep: Helen’s dream pet

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Like most households with young children, our home is awash with soft toys. The toy pictured here, however, is completely unique and was sent to us courtesy of the guys at pet insurance specialist Petplan.

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Here is Flamey the sheep, grazing on the grass. This is Helen’s dream pet and was custom made for her by the guys at Petplan.

This toy is called Flamey and is Helen’s dream pet. The guys at Petplan asked Helen to draw her dream pet and once they had her design, it was custom made based on her drawings.

I love his orange, flame coloured tail and face. The bumps on his back are the fleece and judging by their size, Flamey can produce  a lot of wool.

Petplan, pet insurance, dog insurance, dad blog uk, dadbloguk, school run dad
Helen looks after her new toy.

As you can imagine, Helen was very excited to receive this unique toy. Thus far, Flamey has been taken to play tennis, play in the park and had numerous stories to him. He (I’ve asked Helen, he is male) has become a part of the family, as much as Poppy, our pet cat.

The name Petplan is something of a giveaway as to what the company does. Although we have rarely had to call upon our pet insurance policy, Poppy is covered by one. On the odd occasion it has been necessary to make a claim, we’ve been very glad we’ve had the policy in place.

In addition to Poppy, Mrs Adams is very keen to have a dog. It’s something we’ve decided isn’t a practical option but if that were to change, we would certainly take out insurance cover for his/her healthcare. As if to prove how important it is to get insurance, my brother’s dog recently injured one of its legs and the vet’s bills have been in the region of £2,000.

Flamey, petplan, pet insurance, dog insurance, dadbloguk, dad blog uk, school run dad
Helen’s orogonal drawing of Flamey. The basket, by the way, contains Easter eggs!

Petplan’s pet insurance portfolio includes insurance cover for dogs.  It is such a well-known company I think we would have to look at its dog cover if our circumstances ever changed.

In the meantime, we will do our best to look after Flamey. Thankfully he is very easy to look after and incredibly well behaved.

Considering he is a sheep, he’s required very little house training whatsoever. In many ways I think he is the ideal pet!


Disclosure: This commissioned post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.


4 thoughts on “Flamey the sheep: Helen’s dream pet”

  1. Hi John, I think it’s safe to say that Flamey is one of a kind and is very unlikely to eat you out of house and home, always a plus with pets! There is no such thing as pet insurance over here and vet costs are a fraction of the price, which has to make you wonder why?

    Having a dog or five is certainly a commitment, Luckily we have a decent garden, someone is always home and we enjoy walking. Five is our limit, but it is hard when there are so many lovely dogs dumped.

    I must say Pet Plan have done a very good reproduction of Helen’s picture.


    1. Thankfully Flamey doesn’t require much looking after. yes, the guys at Petplan made a very good reproduction of the picture. Personally, I love the orange face and tail.

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