Help! my child has tonsurephobia!

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The following is a statement of fact: I am not a hairdresser. For some reason, however, Izzy, our three-year-old, has declared that I am the only person who can cut her hair.

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Do you see that fringe? I trimmed that!

I’m unsure why she has developed a dislike of hairdressers. It’s also very odd because a family friend used to cut both our kids’ hair. Izzy would get very excited at the prospect. Alas, the family friend has been relegated to the sidelines.

With no training or formal experience, I have restricted my haircutting efforts to the fringe. For now, the rest of it can grow. I think this makes Izzy happy as it means she can have bunches or the occasional plait.

By my own admission, my first foray into fringe cutting was disastrous. I begged her to let me take her to a hairdresser. I tried on several different occasions but she simply had a meltdown.

There was one occasion I managed to get her to the hairdresser with her sister. We reached an agreement whereby Izzy would have her hair cut on the condition she could sit in my lap.

The hairdresser, however, refused to do it. She claimed it would be too difficult to get around all of Izzy’s head. I was unimpressed.

It led to a sharp exchange of words between the hairdresser and one of her colleagues. The colleague said it was perfectly possible to cut a young child’s hair while sat on a parent’s lap. After all, a paying customer was about to walk out the door.

I was simply a witness to this and found it all rather amusing. Until, that is, I realised I would have to trim her hair.

On the plus side, so long as Izzy has tonsurephobia (that’s a fear of having your hair cut) we are saving money. I guess I am also adding to my knowledge of women and girl’s hair. As a stay at home dad with two daughters, I’ve learned a lot about this subject over the years. I fact I once wrote a series of three blog posts dedicated to the subject. Follow the links to read; Daddy does hair care, Daddy does hair care Pt.2 and Daddy does hair care Pt.3, the deed is done.

I guess it’s just a phase. I certainly hope I’m not cutting Izzy’s hair when she is 25 years old. That would just be odd.

Do you have a child who dislikes having their hair cut? Have you had to deal with this problem? Please do let me know how you dealt with it.

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7 thoughts on “Help! my child has tonsurephobia!”

  1. The first time I took our twins to the hair dressers, they sat on my lap. Actually they did for the first few times, and the hairdresser was absolutely fine about it. When they were younger, I did attempt to cut their fringes, but it was disastrous, way too short! I’ve never tried again and will always take them to the hairdressers now! Hopefully, she’ll let you take her soon, otherwise you’ll have to work on your hairdressing skills! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Tilly has played up at the hairdressers at times but looks forward to going now as they have 1) a pink chair, and the clincher 2) a lolly for when she’s finished. T is never allowed lollies normally so it makes for a big treat. I just brush her teeth like a man possessed afterwards!

  3. I worked in a salon when the boys were born until they were close to 5-7. They are so comfortable with hair cuts that even as tots they would hop up in the hair dressers chair anytime it was open.

    In fact my second child like it so much, I found he badgering our very busy and very sweet lead hair dresser for a hair cut at age 4.

    Familiarity and candy I think created the present situation. I defiantly won’t be cutting their hair at 25 as they won’t let me do it now!

    Please add me to your email list. Saw you on IG.

    1. Great to hear from you Tanya. I will add you to the email list. I will be telling Izzy about your family in the hope she gets moe comfortable with having her hair cut.

  4. Well what can I say a man of many talents and so much braver than me I wouldn’t dare to try cut any of kids hair total respect man Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    1. Well Nigel, just because I have cut her hair doesn’t mean I’m any good! In fact I’m dreadful, but she just won’t let anyone else do it.

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