Here’s looking at you kid

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Having learned that the secret to getting a good photograph can involve being somewhere at the right time, I paid a visit to the London Borough of Croydon just before sunrise. I had heard about an urban art festival called Rise and thought some of the art that was on display on the streets might look good in the early morning sunlight.

cats eye, graffiti, Rise, Croydon, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, school run dad, sahd
A striking piece of art on the streets of Croyodn. A part of the RISEfestival or urban art.

I also had a vaguely amusing idea to capture the sunrise from the top of one of Croydon’s many multi-storey car parks. Alas, Croydon had the last laugh because the sun barely broke through the clouds. The best picture I took was this image of a cat’s eye staring straight ahead.

I should explain that Croydon and I have history. It’s quite close to where we used to live so I know it well and it’s a great location for urban photography, even if it’s a bit of a journey from where we live now.

I’m afraid a huge plant feature prevented me from photographing the other eye, but I find myself drawn into it nonetheless. For a piece of graffiti art (street art, call it what you will), I think it features some amazing detail.

I had a little play in Photoshop and produced a black and white version too. I think both work well, but I prefer the colour version. I’d be curious to know though, which do you think works better, colour or black and white?

cats eye, graffiti, Rise, Croydon, dadbloguk, dadbloguk.com, dad blog uk, school run dad, sahd
A black and white version of the cat’s eye pictured above.

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25 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you kid”

  1. It has to be the colour because that is how it was painted! Cheltenham has just had its annual paint festival and some amazing art has appeared around the town. I’ve seen a few pieces, but need to go out and see some more.

  2. Morning John. Colour for me too. I think you get much more of the detail. It sounds like a fantastic festival. Sorry you didn’t get your sunrise though. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Ah, yes, I see what you mean about the horizontal lines. Glad I’m not the only onw impressed by the detail of the painting.

  3. I know the pain of a recalcitrant sunrise. The eye is amazing, I’m always impressed by people with artistic talent. The colour version for me too! #MySundayPhoto

  4. Hi John, well, judging by these photos, you may well have had the last laugh! And whoever painted them is a very talented artist. The detail is amazing. The reflection of light beside the pupil really catches my eye. I do prefer the coloured photo though, I like the yellow iris… I’d love to see a photo of the sunrise taken from the top of a carpark. I’m sure it would be refreshingly different.



  5. The colour for me works best as well. Shame you did not get the sunrise you had hoped for. I always admire street art, love how they manage to get very large pieces of work onto a full wall and still get stunning effects. #MySundayPhoto

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