HMS Belfast at night

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I had a marvellous day in London with Helen and Izzy on Wednesday. having visited the V&A, Natural History and Science Museums, we caught up with Mrs Adams in the Hays Galleria for dinner. It was a glorious, warm evening and just outside the Galleria I was presented with this view of HMS Belfast.

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A long-exposure photograph of HMS Belfast I took a few nights ago on a very warm, October evening.

I couldn’t help but experiment with a long exposure time. I went for a massive exposure of 30 seconds, hence why the River Thames looks strangely calm as the bumps have been smoothed out. In the editing process, I increased the vibrancy to bring out the colours but it’s otherwise untouched.

I think it makes a nice shot of the River Thames at night, although it is slightly strange to think there’s a battleship permanently moored in Central London! If I could take the image again, I’d possibly try to cut out some of the visual clutter on the right hand side, although I do quite like the street light in the foreground and the way it’s flaring.

As this was a long-exposure shot and as I had no tripod to hand, I had to rest my camera on a plinth, or else camera shake would have been an issue. This limited my view and meant I had to include some of the path to the right (while also holding on to the strap, in case my camera decide to tumble off the plinth and in to the River Thames below!).

Regular readers will be aware that I love my photography. I have linked this to the wonderful, #MySundayPhoto blogging linky hosted by the Photalife blog. I thoroughly recommend clicking on the badge below and exploring the imagery taken by other bloggers.



27 thoughts on “HMS Belfast at night”

    1. Yes I’m sure I’ve seen you publish a few pictures of HMS Belfast. Certainly a sight for sore eyes at night time!

  1. chantelle hazelden

    That is definitely a fantastic view, the light surrounding the boat makes it appear even bigger #mysundayphoto

  2. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    What a busy day you had, you must have been exhausted! I like the light flare in the shot too. A very impressive sight #MySundayPhoto

    1. Oh wow was I exhausted. Truth is, I totally put my back out carrying the youngest around at the end of the day! Thankfully my back was still working when I took this image.

    1. Thanks Molly, I would never have thought to take such an image if I simply hadn’t been there at the right time. It looks awesome lit up at night.

  3. Hi John, this is a fab shot and looks quite cartoon-like. I like the whole effect of the 30-second exposure, If you hadn’t mentioned the path I probably wouldn’t have noticed it!


  4. Oh wow! LOVE what you’ve done with the water, it looks like ice! The reflections are fab too. You inspire me to want to play around with my settings more. #MySundayPhoto

  5. I’ve missed popping by via the linky and seeing what you’ve posted. So glad I’m less busy and back linking just to see this. The fact you’ve enhanced the colour I think only adds value. The sharpness of the light and Belfast is amazing but the use of colour shining through the sides and then the reflection in water really makes a perfect rounded shot. As Always, well done! Great photo! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow’s! #mysundayphoto

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