Looking upstream from Barnes Bridge

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Earlier this week I visited a part of London I’d never been to before: Barnes. I took this picture of a pleasure cruiser framed by the steel work of Barnes Bridge at the suggestion of an incredibly patient and understanding blogger who happened to be with me at the time.

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A pleasure cruiser, framed by the steel work of Barnes Bridge in West London.

I’d just been to an event at the Kings House Sports ground and was walking back to the train station with Tom Briggs who writes the Diaryofthedad blog. Unfortunately for Tom, I had already earmarked Barnes Bridge as a destination I wanted to shoot some photos so he was forced to watch as I messed around with my camera’s settings and fired off a number of shots. Well, I say “forced”, Tom took a number of pictures himself.

After a short while, this pleasure cruiser rounded a bend in the river and Tom suggested I get myself in a position so I could take a picture of it framed by the bridge’s steel work. That’s exactly what I did and as an added bonus, the ducks swam into the frame as well!

I got a few other shots of the sky reflected in the river. They need some editing so I may share them another time.

As for the event we attended, it was the #SubwayNFLFlag Summer Bowl. It was a tournament involving 1,000 children from schools across the country who play NFL Flag, a form of non-contact American Football. We were there as guests of Subway and there will be more on the blog soon.

Getting back to my photograph, I will be adding it to the splendid #MySundayPhoto linky. Lots of bloggers who are keen on photography participate in this weekly linky, which is hosted by the Photalife blog. If you enjoy photography, simply click on the badge below to pay the linky a visit.




30 thoughts on “Looking upstream from Barnes Bridge”

  1. What a great photo! Way, way back in the day when I lived in London, we used to go for a long walk on a Sunday which involved crossing Barnes bridge. We never actually ventured properly into Barnes though, just skirted round the edge of it.

    1. First time for me too Nigel but I have photographic proof! Yes, poor old Tom was left to stand about while I made a fool of myself with the camera.

  2. I didn’t even see the ducks at first. I was admiring the nice little frame you managed to get. That is not easy to do from my experience of taking about a million shots like this in Manchester. And it’s so nice to have an understanding companion on trips like this. I’m lucky both me and Zeddy love taking pictures so we don’t mind standing about for ages!

    1. Yes, Tom was a very understanding ‘camera widow’!! The framing was great although it did take a few attempts t get it right.

  3. Wonderful photo John, I love the bridge framing the image. I don’t think I’ve ever been to that part before.

    Have a great Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

    1. The framing did work quite well didn’t it? You know where to go next time you want to frame a picture using the steel work of a bridge!

    1. Glad you thought it was worth the wait. I’m sure next time we’re in the same place with a camera you’ll probably keep your mouth shut!

  4. Great idea to frame it that way. It definitely adds something to the photo. Looks like a great spot to spend a few minutes with the camera!

    1. Well, a few minutes. Luckily our train didn’t arrive for about 15 mins but i used a lot of them on that bridge taking pictures!

  5. That is a fabulous shot John – the timing is great as is the composition. Funnily enough I was doing something similar frame-wise with my sister and her 40th birthday balloons yesterday!

    1. You are very kind Victoria, glad you like the composition. Sure you had great fun framing your sister’s birthday balloons.

  6. Hi John, very cleverly framed. I like the way the frame pushes the attention towards the subject. I also like the sound of non-contact American football too, perfect for children who aren’t so keen on rough and tumble.


    1. Hello Debs, this pic has surprised me with its popularity but a lot of people like the framing. Expect more about NFL Flag in the near future!

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