A photograph that says “childhood”

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I think this photograph encapsulates everything that childhood is meant to be; two kids exploring the natural environment on a gorgeous, early summer day.

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This was supposed to be a landscape shot, but I think the children have improved the oicture 10-fold.

Ironically, however, this is not the picture I intended to take. It was supposed to be a landscape shot of the grass meadow framed by the two trees on either side. My kids were so engrossed in what they were doing that I couldn’t encourage them to move on.

The picture was taken when we had a stroll in some nearby woods on Friday afternoon. When I reviewed the images I took, this one instantly struck me as one to keep.

I love the way the kids are silhouetted. I also love the way Helen is climbing the gate, hoping she can make a break for freedom and run through the grass meadow on the other side (and what a grass meadow it is, full of waist-high buttercups).

I am a country boy, living in exile in the suburbs. For those concerned about such matters, can I just point out that Helen is climbing the gate at the hinged end, as my offspring have been taught.

Are you a lover of technical detail? If so, here they are; ISO was set at 100, aperture f7, shutter speed 1/125sec and focal length 44mm. Apart from a tiny bit of cropping it has not been edited.

I hope you like the image. Does it say “childhood” to you too? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know what you think.

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43 thoughts on “A photograph that says “childhood””

  1. I agree with you. It would have been a lovely photo of a meadow on its own but in this case your children are the perfect addition. Great capture. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Indeed there is a correct end! CLimb over the latch end and the gate acts s a huge lever and can pull it off the hinges. Glad you like the pic.

  2. Yes, the symbolism is definitely there. I think this is mostly because of two things: the silhouette effect that you mention, and the way the size of the gate gives scale. Definitely one to keep!

    1. I think the silhouettes make the pic. It wasn’t the image I waslooking for at all but when I saw it on my monitor, I thought “wow, that works”.

  3. I love this composition. There’s the natural landscape yet the children grab the attention with their play in the foreground. Speaking as another country boy, Tilly will also be learning the correct way to climb a hate when the time comes!

    1. It wasn’t staged at all so I am glad the genuine, natural nature of the image comes through. Pleasure to link up as always.

    1. Well spotted! Yes it was indeed part of the same forest visit…..although we have since been back a further two times have never heard of this place a week ago.

  4. I didn’t know you should climb at the hinged end. It’s such a perfect photo capturing moments where they’re lost in what they’re doing. I think kids can really make a photo!

    1. Always climb at the hinge end….otherwise you turn the gate into a gigantic lever. At the least you cound bend it out of shape at worst, wrench it free from the hinges altogether.

    1. Thanks Tim, their presence really makes it for me. And to think I was trying to take a landscape shot!

  5. It’s a lovely picture. I love how the trees frame the picture. The children give it much more of a focal point and interest than without them

  6. Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn

    Even though it’s not the photo you intended to take it’s a great capture, definitely a photograph of childhood! You can see the bond and mischief between them, I love it.

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  11. I love a good photo! Bit of an amateur iPhone photographer myself. But yes. That photo reminds me of my childhood. Adventuring, running through farmers fields hoping I don’t get caught.
    Great contrasts too!

    1. Thanks Damion. It’s an old pic so the kids are a bit bigger and older now but that pic was of the movement. That innocence and curiosity when the world had no boundaries aside from your own hunger.

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