Monday Melfie – when it all goes wrong

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When Elizabeth met Olaf at the #FairfieldsFrozen event, it all went wrong. Don’t worry though, she did actually have a really good time!

This is a melfie* with a difference. It shows the moment everything went wrong for me at a gala sing along showing of Frozen at the Fairfield Halls in South London last weekend.

Thinking our youngest, Elizabeth, might appreciate having her picture taken with Olaf the snowman, I casually strolled over, asked if it would be okay and then struck a pose. Elizabeth, however, had other ideas.

Curious to know what was behind us, she took a look over her shoulder, saw Olaf and decided he was utterly terrifying. The picture captures the very second she screamed and started wriggling in an attempt to get out of my arms and run off, hence why you can only see the back of her head.

As you can see, Elsa was on hand to try and placate my daughter (I shall assume you know who Elsa is). Unfortunately Elsa’s magic wasn’t strong enough and I had to resort to popcorn. A couple of mouthfuls worked perfectly and Elizabeth was soon her usual happy self. I can also reveal that no lasting damage was done and Elizabeth came face to face with Olaf later on without any further issues.

The event itself made for a great morning out with the family. It was a big occasion for the Fairfield Halls. The screening was held to celebrate the instillation of a new digital cinema screen and sound system and it was very impressive indeed. If you live in South London or Surrey I’d recommend a visit. We shall certainly be returning.

To my amazement, the songs were all subtitled so you could sing along. The organisers had even arranged for the marvellous Pop Choir to make an appearance along with several celebrities.

As I’m useless at celebrities, I fear I only recognised the one, Hattie Morahan, the actress that plays Jane in the television series Outnumbered. I’m told, however, that investigative reporter Donal McIntyre was also present in the guise of a ‘sleb. As a former journalist, I’d love to have met him, but it wasn’t to be (my wife tells me someone who does the hair for the kids in One Direction was also in the room but this means nothing to me).

I did try and get some other images on the day, but none of them were really any good. At least this one has a story behind it!

I have linked this post to Californian mum in London’s new Monthly Monday Melfie linky. Take a look and see melfies taken by other bloggers.

*Melfie = a selfie taken by a mum. Being male and a father, it apparently stands for mother effing cool dad selfie. I’ll roll with that for now!

7 thoughts on “Monday Melfie – when it all goes wrong”

    1. A) I’m kinda hoping that by joining in I can reclaim the melfie phrase for humanity B) Your child is younger than my eldest. Give it a year and E may well have fallen victim too.

  1. I was a bit confused by the shot until I read the story!
    Good to hear that Elizabeth recovered quickly. 😉 xx
    PS: “someone who does the hair for the kids in One Direction” means nothing to me either…

    1. Oh yes, she recovered quite quickly! Glad to hear I’m not the only one with little interest in minor celebrities.

  2. Yep, giant animated snowman would probably have freaked me out too! I’ve been to see my nieces in previous ‘Stagecoach’ productions at the Fairfield Halls (they live in Carshalton). I wouldn’t be surprised if they went to that sing-a-long Frozen thing – they sing…a lot… (they’re 14 & 15) and the eldest is a massive fan of Idina Menzel (the singer of that big song from Frozen – blimey I have boys I’m probably the only person in the blogosphere who hasn’t seen Frozen!). Thanks for sharing your melfie and your experience with Elizabeth. X

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