New & Lingwood ‘Birdseye’ three piece suit

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men's suit, formalwear, three piece suit, men;s style, men's fashion New & Lingwood, House of Fraser
The New & Lingwood ‘Birdseye’ three piece suit, available from House of Fraser.

It must be something to do with the time of year, but quite a few retailers are promoting their men’s suit collections at the moment. Among them is House of Fraser which has a varied range.

Not surprisingly for an outlet with House of Fraser’s reputation, the large range features two piece suits, three piece suits, double breasted jackets, single-breasted and an array of colours.

One of my favourites is the New & Lingwood Birdesye three piece suit. As you can see from the pictures here, I’ve been given the opportunity to try one of these suits out.

Birdesye, by the way, is a reference to the fabric. It has been woven in fine, diamond shapes reminiscent of a bird’s eye.

birdseye fabric, birdseye, suits, men's suits
A close up of the birdseye fabric this suit is made from.

For day to day wear, I would usually wear a two piece suit but for more formal occasions I will wear a three piece. That said, with winter on the horizon, a waistcoat does serve a purpose for providing extra warmth!

men's fashion, men's clothes, men's formalwear, suits, three peice suit, New & Lingwood, House of Fraser
Looking East in the New & Lingwood Birdseye waistcoat.

The suit is made from a 100% wool fabric. Usually retailing for £380, this particular suit is presently in House of Fraser’s sale for £304 (hurry up, that sale won’t last forever!).

The suit without the jacket.
The suit without the jacket.

As you may expect for an item in this price range, it is well made with features such as lining at the knee. It also has contrasting light blue stitching on the inside and is lined in places with a contemporary dark blue, spotty lining which is a nice touch.

If interested in this suit, I would consider trying on a size bigger than you would usually wear. This item was a press sample and a size too big for me, but it fitted very well. Anything smaller would have been a little too tight.

men's style, men's suits, three peice suits, formalwear
The suit waistcoat and trousers in colour.

Immediately after taking these photos I had to go and do some shopping with my daughter. I chose to wear the waistcoat without the jacket. My attire turned heads. I took this to be a sign I was looking good (or at least I hope that was the case).

men's style, men's fashion, men's suits, formalwear
Having fun on the photo shoot!

I was wearing: New & Lingwood Birdseye three piece suit in navy blue, available from House of Fraser. Jeff Banks shirt (my own and from an old collection), plain blue tie (from my own collection, designer unknown).

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample suit for review purposes. To see my disclosure policy please follow this link.

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14 thoughts on “New & Lingwood ‘Birdseye’ three piece suit”

  1. I’m not an expert but I really like this suit! My husband always wears the 2 piece suits so just the trousers and the blazer, why not 3 though? Especially for special occasions. It looks great!

    1. Hi Diana, yes three piece for special occasions is a great idea. I rarely do it, but I may go out of my way to do so more often after my experiences with this suit.

    1. Thanks Ana, very kind words indeed. I would be delighted if you followed my blog. I shall of course go and visit yours. If you want to see more great dad blogs, try visiting the dadnetwork.co.uk

  2. I do like a suit, I think it looks so very smart and I always saw my father wear one to work, so it has a happy association, I suppose!
    I think your pink shirt & navy suit is a colour combo winner; spot on. You look very dapper!

    1. Thanks Ally….although compared to the last time you saw me I think animal skins would probably have been an improvement!

  3. I do like a good suit! The best one my husband has was made by a tailor in Malaysia when we were on honeymoon, there is something to be said for a really well fitted suit 🙂 This one does look very smart and I like the fabric. Looking good John! #brilliantblogposts

    1. I’ll be honest, I do normally wear tailored suits myself but I wanted to try a three piece suit for a change. It was a good fit and a style of fabric I have never worn before. Sure your husbands tailor made suit will last him a very long time yet. I’ve only just disposed f my first tailored suit after ten long years together.

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