Organising my own Lumiere Festival of Light

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I’ve seen lots of marvelous images taken at the Lumiere London Festival of Light. Unable to go along, I organised my own Festival of Light in our kitchen.

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Unable to attend Lumiere London, I organised my own Festival of Light in our kitchen. This was one of the many pictures I took of the light show I put together.

I think this is possibly the most experimental photograph I have ever taken. This image shows the complex refraction of multi-coloured lights through glass. It involved split second timing and lots and lots of practice. I must have taken around 50 images before I managed to capture this one.

That’s one explanation. Here’s a more down to Earth one.

You’re looking at the lights from my youngest daughter’s My Little Pony  fibre-optic tree as they’re refracted through a prism. Just to complete the picture in your mind’s eye, the prism was balanced over the top of the torch using tins of Baked Beans and a couple of empty wine bottles.

The bit about taking 50 images? Yes, it took many, many attempts to arrive at this point!

I wasn’t really sure what my final image would look like, but I think the effect works. That said, I’m not convinced the organisers of Lumiere London will be knocking on my door any time soon.

32 thoughts on “Organising my own Lumiere Festival of Light”

    1. It was fun, but it had its stressful “why am I doing this again/” moments. I’ve kinda learned that’s how you produce your best photography. Well, I do anyway!

  1. Wow it does look so impressive and well worth the 50th attempt and using a baked beans can!! You should do a whole feature of them 🙂

  2. Ooh, moving into the world of abstract there! Very nicely done, I really struggled to wrap my head around what I was seeing until I read the explanation. I stared at that for a long, long time, well done! #MySundayPhoto

    1. Oh yes, the most abstract image I have ever taken. Well, apart from one or two self portraits. I hope you enjoyed the explanation!

    1. It was a little something I rustled up Darren. I am finding the conditions outside to be dire for photography at the moment so this was a nice project I could do inside.

    1. It’s wonderful this image has garnered such a response. I find photographing lights to be quite tricky but I enjoyed this challenge.

    1. Yeah, it was a novel approach I guess. Had no idea what the end result would be but it was such fun getting there.

  3. Hi John, all I can say is WOW!…Okay, that was a blatant lie (not the WOW! part)… At first glance, your photo reminded me of a concert audience where everyone is waving their phones (think old Nokia advert). It’s amazing what you can create with a lot of imagination and patience. Very clever and impressive.


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