Red sky in the morning

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Earlier this week I woke up at around 5am, as I usually do. I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I look out of the window and was presented with this beautiful sight in the sky. Talk about red sky in the morning, hey?

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Earlier this week I woke up and was presented with this beautiful sight out of the kitchen window.

There’s nothing technical about this picture at all. Apart from a minor tweak to the contrast and a small crop, it’s uneditied. It was the amazing mix of colours that struck me.

I knew I had just a few minutes to take the shot before it got too bright and this amazing scene would vanish. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes it was no more.

I posted a similar image to Instagram that didn’t have the silhouetted trees in the frame. It proved very popular so I thought I’d pop this one on the blog and add it to the #MySundayPhoto linky that’s hosted by the amazing Photalife.com blog. If you click on the badge below you’ll be able to visit the linky and see photography from an awesome array of bloggers.

In case you are wondering there was, true to form, rain later in the day. It goes to show there is something in that saying about a red sky in the morning.



37 thoughts on “Red sky in the morning”

  1. It’s beautiful! There have been some fantastic skies lately. I’ve just nipped out to take a photo of one myself and it had already disappeared five minutes later. It was red again, so I’ll be prepared for rain later!

    1. It’s John, but we’ll over look that! And yes, well worth getting up for. Getting up in the dark in the Med hey? Tough life!!

    1. Yeah, I could basically see the patterns vanishing before my eyes so I had to rush to get this picture before it disappeared.

  2. Shepherds warning. It’s such a beautiful capture, I love red skies and all the strands of highlights in them. I was sort of expecting the northern lights up this end but alas, it was chucking it down ????

  3. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    Beautiful sky, don’t you always feel so lucky to have seen and captured such a great red sky. We drove from Spain to Portugal last night and were presented with a equially red sky and yes the shepherds were also happy here!

    1. I think we’ve reached a time of year when there are some very impressive sun rises and sunsets. Sure you see quite a few out on the Iberian peninsular.

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