Peacock butterfly takes a rest

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When you’re out with your camera and something as colourful as this butterfly comes into view, it would be criminal not to take the picture. This image was taken on my recent trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm and I did much more than take one image. I followed this butterfly around for ages taking snaps as it flew from plant to plant because I was so mesmerised by its colourful wings.

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A stunningly beautiful peacock butterfly that I snapped as it flew from plant to plant at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

I’ve had a quick look online to try and identify this butterfly. I could be mistaken, but I think it is a peacock butterfly. Assuming that’s correct, I can see why it gets its name.

The picture doesn’t quite have the detail I would have liked. Nonetheless, I was very happy to get a shot with its wings wide open as it’s quite difficult to capture such an image. Looking back on the photography section of my blog, it’s also a very welcome addition to my growing collection of nature-focused images.

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Can I also ask if you know anything about butterflies? If so, do you think this is a peacock butterfly? Have you attempted to photograph butterflies? If so, how easy did you find it because I think they can be very difficult subjects.




32 thoughts on “Peacock butterfly takes a rest”

  1. That’s a coincidence, my post is about a recent trip to a butterfly exhibit where I had no choice but to sit and be patient because it was about 1000 friggin’ degrees in there. However, I was told the butterflies weren’t fond of the cloudy day and only snapped a few. I used a 55 to 250 mm lens which seemed to work for all the distance I was tracking them and sitting often seemed to help as well.
    That is indeed a beautiful shot and butterfly with great clarity and detail.

    1. I shall be off to look at your photograph in just a second. Going to a butterfly exhibit sounds like a good way to get a good pic though. Like your style and great choice of lens.

    1. Oh gosh Sarah, you should have seen me. I followed it over a good few acres! Then again, I think the end result was worth it.

  2. Hi John, I would agree that is a peacock butterfly. Butterflies are a nightmare to photograph and this is a good photo. I like the way you’ve managed to get a nice clean photo without too much distraction too. The ‘eyes’ on the wings are unsettling me so I’m sure a predator would think twice before making it lunch… I love trying to photograph butterflies, it always makes me feel like Elmer Fudd stalking Bugs Bunny. I’ve even been known to laugh out loud to myself when I imagine what I must look like to any onlookers. Luckily there is rarely a person around when I’m doing it.


    1. Yes, photographer’s anxiety….what do I look like while taking this pic? had it many a time! On this occasion, however, I was surrounded by lots of Instagrammers so no matter how daft I looked, there was someone else who outdid me.

  3. I can certainly see where it gets its name from, its a beautiful butterfly. In the past I’ve also tried to photograph them, with not so much luck unfortunately. I also have a fear of butterflies too, so i dont get close to them either, but still think they are beautiful.

    1. If you aren’t keen on butterflies, don’t do what I did and visit a lavender farm It was full of them. They are difficult to photograph but on the lavender farm they were very obliging.

  4. Oh wow what a fabulous capture. I love butterflies and this certainly looks like a peacock butterfly to me. #mysundayphoto

  5. I am certain that is a Peacock butterfly. I was at Mayfield Lavender last week (shots coming up next week on my photography site!). It is such a beautiful place. I think that this is a great shot – you have really managed to capture silky texture of the wing. Gorgeous.

    1. We should organise an outing together Darren and have some photo Wars, see who can produce the best image from the Lavender farm.

  6. your patience astounds me and the photo is stunning, certainly worth all the miles you must’ve romped. The butterfly looks like it’s an overlay, so sharp and clear are the lines #mysundayphoto

  7. You got such a good shot of it. I know absolutely nothing about butterflies so I’ve learnt something new today. Very beautiful peacock butterfly 🙂

    1. I can’t tell you I’m an expert but I’ev photographed so many butterflies recently I am definitely learning.

  8. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    You can’t beat a good butterfly shot. They have to be in the best mood to be a good subject though; so hard to photograph. Great shot!

    1. They do have to be in the right mood. Needless to say I cheated slightly by going to a lavender farm but you do what you have to do, right??

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