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I’ve had a manic week. The lead up to Father’s Day is always a manic time for us dad bloggers and there’s been ongoing stress with our impending house move. It was, therefore, nice to simply take some time out for myself one afternoon and wander off into some nearby meadow land to practice my close up photography.

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It’s been a manic week so it was a delight to take myself off for a short while and practice my close up photography.

Unusually for my photography-focused blog posts, I’ve decided to share more than one image. I just couldn’t decide which picture I liked most. It was also a way of saying goodbye.

All going to plan, we will be moving very soon and I’m unlikely to return to this particular patch of meadow. It’s a place where I’ve taken many of the photographs that have appeared on this blog so it seems right to give it one final, decent spread as a way of saying thank you.

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A bug, a mini-beast as my daughter calls them, sits on a pyramidal orchid.

The images here were all shot in manual mode. I tried taking a few in close-up mode but the results were disappointing. I can’t lie, this came as pleasant surprise!

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The one that got away. I almost deleted this picture but when I saw it on my computer monitor at home I fell in love with the bright colours.

One final thing. I simply must mention Father’s Day. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, may I wish you the very best and I hope it goes well. Personally, I have one engagement to fulfill early in the morning and I then plan to do very little indeed apart from spending time with Mrs Adams, Helen and Izzy.

As I frequently do with my photographic blogs, I’ll be linking this one to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Photalife.com blog. Each Sunday, bloggers add their photographic posts to this linky so it’s a great and inspiring way to browse imagery taken by other people and pick up some hints and tips along the way. Simply click on the badge below to visit the linky.


27 thoughts on “Close up!”

  1. Fabulous photos, John. I can’t even pick a favourite although I love the light and focus in the first one. Happy Father’s Day to you! #MySundayPhoto

    1. Yes, i think there is something special about that first pic, especially the lighting which I paid a lot of attention to.

    1. Very kid words Fiona. Not the photo shoot I was expecting or planning but sometimes that’s the best way to take pics.

    1. It’s the colours of the first one isn’t it? they do stand out and make the pic unique. That’s my opinion anyway!

  2. Great pictures! Excellent way to take a break from the stress too. I’m glad you didn’t delete that third photo, I think it’s a great shot. I love the vibrant colours and details against the blurred green background. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Yes, I was playing around with the aperture, hence the blurred background. There was a hedge in the background that kinda ruined the shot but a little Photoshop action took care of that.

    1. Thanks, that was the kind of focus I was going for. Thakns for you best wishes regarding the move. I so just want to move in to the new place now.

  3. Catie: Spectrum Mum

    Really brilliant detail particularly on that first shot you can see the hairs on the petals. Lovely! #mysundayphoto

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