Riverside scene at Cumbernauld Glen

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I took this picture a couple of months ago during a brief visit to Cumbernauld in Scotland. The children were elsewhere with the in-laws and so I took myself off for a walk through Cumbernauld Glen.

For those unfamiliar with the central belt of Scotland, Cumbernauld is not renowned for being aesthetically pleasing. The glen, however, is a small oasis of calm and beauty in the midst of what is essentially a post-WWII new town.

Even though it has been blatantly been landscaped, I love to stroll through the glen. On our last visit it was a particularly sunny day. I caught sight of this stretch of river and felt it would make a good picture. I actually had to wade into the middle of the river to get this shot (it isn’t deep so it wasn’t a life threatening venture).

It was a very tranquil spot and like to think the image reveals a more appealing side of Cumbernauld. Have you ever found beauty in the most unlikely place? If so, where was it and what did you see?

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14 thoughts on “Riverside scene at Cumbernauld Glen”

    1. Cumbernauld is a funny old place. That spot is beautiful. There’s also a conservation zone in the original part of town which is very picture-esque. The remainder ot it, oh my word, you need sunglasses to stop it hurting your eyes.

  1. OneDad3Girls

    This has a very calming and soothing feel to it. Love the flow of water

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Oh yes, you have to be careful. Beautifil spot though it is, that river is full of rubbish. How I avoided getting in the frame I don’t know!

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